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SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable Elegant and Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility Since last year, I have spent more time at home without going out much due to the global situation. Hence me and love one started to enhance things we can do at home. At first we started to learn cooking and baking, then we learn indoor plant gardening and fell in love with it. Since we can't go to the outdoor, we brought in the nature instead. Now we have a mini garden indoor and at the balcony.  Spending majority of our time at home eventually makes me want to improve my home entertainment system too. Something small yet significant to improve our quality of life. That's when I found SONOS sound system and decided to go with SONOS MOVE . This versatile smart speaker not only able to be moved around, it is also both WIFI and Bluetooth configurable. Added that it is weatherproof and drop-resistant, it is good to listen to music both indoor and outdoor. Let me share my experience in detail as below: