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Samsung GALAXY S3 Review & Price [Malaysia]

Samsung GALAXY SIII Full Review Samsung GALAXY S3 Review & Camera Tips [updated on 7 Nov 2012] First Impression The first time I saw Samsung GALAXY S3 and i feel S3 got the elegant curve edge with silver metallic feel cover at the edge, shining Samsung Logo at the front together with the ear speaker and front camera. S3 is available in two colors - Marble White and Pebble Blue .  I personally prefer Pebble Blue because it won't get dirty easily. But oh well, I think I was destined to have a Marble White GALAXY S3 (Thanks to Samsung Global Blogger). When I carry my S3 on hand I can feel the light weight of the phone, maybe it is because of the plastic casing that make S3 weight at only 133grams. As for the speaker, I personally hope that it can build at the side instead of the back as when I place my phone on carpet/clothes I won't able to hear the loud music as I wanted. Other than that, Galaxy S3 looks good with its inspired by nature design.   Live

When Sugarglider Meet Samsung GALAXY S3

"Pit pit!" That's the sound that a sugarglider would emit (not that sound? at least I tried to describe haha) I've been reviewing Samsung GALAXY S3 smartphone and I really like its camera. The 'Auto Contrast' feature has allow me to take low-light photos and if you got chance you should try it too! Best thing to have for Instagram too (Follow me on TianChad) haha The adorable sugarglider hanging on the cage letting me to photograph Let's see how was the video recording quality indoor especially Tap-and-Focus : When Sugarglider meet Samsung GALAXY SIII Well, the focusing is quite accurate and clear when I just tap on the screen it quickly focus on the other side without emitting technical sound.(This happen to some camera) I've recorded quite a few different kind of videos such as Christina Perri's concert, underwater video while snorkeling at Pulau Kapas (really interesting experience) and I will share it later!  Now you

Samsung GALAXY S3 Malaysia Launch: Spec & Function Revealed! Price?

Harlo! This is TianChad [TC] holding the brand new Samsung GALAXY S3 during the media tour. You can check out my first post - " SAMSUNG GALAXY S III LAUNCH IN MALAYSIA NOW! " As usual I am going to share what I saw and captured through my camera during the launching of S3. Four out of many Samsung Models appear at the launch. BLUE - the official colour of Samsung Live Orchestra in the hall that makes the launching even more classy Wan Zaleha the emcee of the night Mr. Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. holding the Marble White Samsung GALAXY S3 Media, Press including bloggers were at the launch busy capturing photos/videos. Marble White is available very soon, not sure about Pebble Blue yet. I still prefer the darker color S3 as it is harder to get dirty plus the case looks more stylish =) Samsung GALAXy S3 with Super HD AMOLED Screen size 4.8 inch The magic screen that make your pictures look much nicer "By having the front camera