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HTC Desire S + HTC Sense = TC's Unique Phone [Video] #maxis10

Remember I shared a blog post about HTC Sense on HTC Desire S ? I've decided to share with you guys one more time on how I personalized my HTC Desire S on all 7 walls with different functions and features in a VIDEO =) It is easy to enjoy HTC Sense and all other functions/downloads at HTC Hub by simply create an account at . Then, you are good to enjoy your privileged function such as looking for your lost phone. Download all kinds of Wallpapers, Widget, Ringtones and more at HTC Hub and get suggested apps through HTC Like . With HTC Sense in HTC Desire S, I can even reject calls from Santa Claus. You don't believe me? Watch the video below~! My Personalized HTC Desire S with HTC Sense Hope you enjoyed the video and notice how smooth the gadget is =) Read more: HTC Desire S In My Hand #Maxis10 HTC Desire S Review: Unbox + First Impression #maxis10 HTC Desire S 5MP Camera Reviewed #maxis10 How's HTC Sense On HTC Desire S #maxis10 HTC Desire S Battery Tips &

HTC Desire S Review - Overall Performance #maxis10

Here is the 6th post about HTC Desire S and I am gonna conclude about this brand new gadget that I've spend time with for almost two weeks. 1. Various Built-In Camera Effects The function that I use the most because it is a good camera when I didn't have my heavy DSLR besides me. It makes my Twitpict looks more interesting with better quality too. You can read my full review about the 5 MP camera. 2. HTC Desire S Built-In Navigation System Whenever I need to go somewhere new in the Town, GPS Navigation is important to me because KL road is so "smooth" to drive on. Like it more than BlackBerry's Google Map navigation because it has voice navigation guidance. Although it sounds a bit robot but better than no voice at all =) Talking about navigation I wanna share about HTC Desire S Wi-Fi hotspot function too. Managed to make it become a WiFi modem and share with my friends my Data Plan to connect to the internet. Sharing is caring right? However make sure you are cha

HTC Desire S Battery Tips & Solutions #maxis10

If you are a user of current smartphone I guess everyone facing the same problem. HTC Desire S battery always die faster than you wanna call it a day. The 1450 mAh battery capacity is not enough for us. For social media evangelist like me, I Twitt and Facebook a lot using my smartphone, same things applied to my current HTC Desire S. I using my phone with WiFi enabled, using HSDPA speed for fast internet browsing experience, Tweet and check updates, check out Facebook for photos and videos. Not forgetting my favourite hobby to Youtube new video. Guess how long my battery last? Only 6 hours +/- ... Therefore I can't really enjoy the features of the phone fully and ought to switch off certain functions to get longer better life: 1. Change your 3G(HSDPA) to 2G(EDGE) instead. 3G use more battery life than 2G speed. This apply to all smartphones. For HTC Desire S, you can go to Setting ;> Wireless & Networks ;> Mobile Networks ;> Network Mode ;> GSM Only 2. Switch off

How's HTC Sense On HTC Desire S #maxis10

This is my personalized walls on HTC Desire S By using HTC Desire S , I got the chance to experience HTC Sense all by myself. It is something really new to me although it has been launched since 2009. With HTC Sense I can personalized all my 7 walls with my desired widget including Facebook, Twitter, Music Player, Weather Forecast and not forgetting my favourite apps =) First thing that I like is their Zero Wait Map. The map is pre-downloaded into the phone that's why there is no need to wait for the map to load and download when using the Navigation. I am not sure if you guys have encounter this awkward moment before. Forgot to silent the phone in cinema, library or even the office and the phone keep ringing? (With some emo guy staring at you) Now with HTC Sense I can silent the phone by just simply flip it over. How easy is that? =D With HTC Sense the phone ring louder inside your bag. For me I put my phone in my pocket. My HTC Desire S does ring less loud when I took it out fr

HTC Desire S 5MP Camera Reviewed #maxis10

Been playing with HTC Desire S for almost 2 weeks and here comes the review of its 5MP Camera with its strong LED Flash . It looks small from the outside but I tell you it is quite powerful when compared with my Blackberry =) There are many kind of photo effects for you to play with along their built-in camera. You can do Distortion, Vignette, Depth of Field, Vintage (Cold/Warm), Grayscale, Sepia, Negative, Solarize, Posterize, and Aqua affects . Below are some of the photos taken using HTC Desire S 5MP camera: The HTC Desire S camera can focus quite well during day time. You can touch on the screen to select the spot where you want your camera to focus. This is the image of KLCC bridge after fully zoom in Manage to capture it without blur after a few attempts There is a down side when using the HTC Desire S to snap photos in a very dark place. It won't be able to focus well without enough light source. However, if it happen to focus correctly, the LED light won't over expose

HTC Desire S Review: Unbox + First Impression #maxis10

Here comes the long awaiting HTC Desire S . Want to thanks #maxis10 again for choosing me as one of the brand new gadget reviewer. Let see what I can share with you guys starting now! Once received the brand new HTC Desire S from Maxis I can't stop my self but to open it on the spot and check if the battery can function or not. So here comes the unboxing part. It was covered by a piece of plastic to cover it's screen. Saw the direction on how to open the back cover of the phone too when remove the plastic. Here's the back view of HTC Desire S. I like the combination of the phone cover with rubber material around the small but powerful camera and LED Flash. Some more with the curvy look. Nice~! Saw the little hole there? that's the mic and voice receiver. Will share more about this when sharing about video recording part. There are pro and con for that little "hole" How to open HTC Desire S Battery cover? Turn your phone upside down,