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Transformer 3 @ GSC Maxx & Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 Sales Start

Visited GSC Maxx @ Timesquare again after Tron Legacy 3D and this time we are here to experience the 3D and sound effects of Transformer: Dark of the Moon . The air conditioner wasn't really cold at first but feel comfortable with it later. Usually when I visit cinema the air con is too cold not to have a jacket with you. Was sitting at row F and a bit side to the screen. There are certain scenes where I see blur image when the action moving too fast. I am not sure if it is my eyes, the screen, the glasses or the place I sit. I suggest you guys to pick the center seat above row F. You guys would have better viewing experience =) I've watched Transformer 3D earlier in GSC IOI Mall too. GSC Maxx has more comfortable chairs if compared to GSC IOI Mall. the space between row is wider too ! But still 3D experience in GSC Maxx is unbeatable =D If you are willing to pay extra for Timesquare parking you will definitely have better viewing 3D experience @ GSC Maxx. Me, Bernard , Ru

Tron Legacy 3D @ GSC Maxx Times Square

16th Dec is the day I first visit GSC Maxx @ Time Square KL for 'Tron: Legacy Screening in Digital 3D' . What do I think about the movie? It really affected by the cinema that you visit. GSC Maxx which opens on 25 Nov in Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur is GSC’s largest digital hall in Malaysia . GSC Maxx will be able to screen movies in digital 2D and 3D formats. Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, GSC Maxx complements GSC Berjaya Times Square which is located on the 1st and 3rd Floor. GSC Maxx will have a total number of 555 seats . In addition to that, there will be 4 spaces for those who are wheel chair bound . It is on the 10th floor of Time Square. So from there you can see almost the whole Times Square theme park . Wanna know if it is fun to play at Times Square Theme park? [Read here] GSC Maxx has 1 screen with a total of 555 seats. It is all flexible when you lean on it. Which can makes you feel more comfort when watching a movie~ GSC Maxx incorpo