Yeni's Surprise Birthday 2010

Early in April went to Yeni's surprise birthday party. Successfully give her a surprise and we had fun at the birthday party. Actually I only know Yeni, PeiYing and Ivan while all others are new face+friend to me. Thank you to the ppl who "ffk" la. I become some sort the photographer of the day, this explain why I have only 2 photo of myself la. Consider taking picture for her as her real birthday present =)

"Who are you? You look handsome" - the curious dog in the house

Barbecue is our theme so we need someone to put on the fire right? Thank you to this guy who keep sweating for doing this. Sometimes it is good to be a photographer, wakaka.

The moment Yeni asked Ivan, "Why don't you tell me?!"

Okay, the fire is hot, time to eat!

Not only he put on the fire, he also serve the lady their order too

I kinda like this handmade desserts - Banana Spin Roll with Hot Chocolate Top

This party is almost 80% all girls

Only a few guys attended

"I'll carry you" - Sweet moment between Charmaine with her boyfriend

Honestly, if my leg wasn't that flat. It can fight with the girls =/
You can ask friends who have "accidentally" touched my leg before, "Wah~" is all they say.

Facebook Quiz also tell me I am 100% Metrosexual

What if the boyfriend fight with the girlfriend? Guess who will win.

Ah, Kat is the new owner of D90. She told me she bought at RM3,300++ including the kit lens. RM700 cheaper than I buy my D90 few months ago! T.T

Never mind, look at the brightside, I never regret as without D90 I won't able to take nice picture of American Idol Kris Allen. =) *self consoling + positive thinking*

Myself with PeiYing

After we all get full with the BBQ + desserts, it is time to sing Birthday song for Yeni.

I guess Yeni didnt expect this would come from her bf *haha*

Luckily it is just a bit cream on the nose

Wish them both all the best for coming day =)

It is good to be a birthday boy/girl. You can have so many presents!

The party doesn't end here as we have another birthday cake for this "lucky" guy. Haha

First time saw people with circular shape cream all over his face!

Both birthday girl and boy =)

This is the birthday cake's form after the face bash. Become the mold of his face already.

Last but not least, please receive a kick from the pinky hippo! Almost everyone dig its nose once they saw the hole. =D

Although this is a late post, I still wish you happy birthday again Yeni!

So here is a question for all readers who just finished reading/skipping this. If your birthday is tomorrow, you wish to receive cash $$ or present with the same value? Your comment are always welcomed!


  1. I miss having cake fights.. lol.. seems like you had lots of fun.. :D

  2. [Shirleen]
    Yeah i did =D
    Remember to attend your friend's birthday and smash them with the cake ;p

  3. i dunlike cake smash..i tak sampai hati see the nice cake everyone bought for me being smashed...usually i feel very sad and ask ppl dun play one..(Sorry im a mood spoiler)

  4. [MsXeroz]
    Usualy people will prepare 2 cakes. 1 with all cream for smashing and another one for eat.

    I dun like being smash but would like to smash on ppl ar *evil*

  5. so did u guys eat the cake where her face got bash into?

  6. wahhh... banana spin roll! can u teach me how to do it?

  7. [Emeryn]
    Yeap we eat that cake as it is a tasty cake and only touched her nose.

  8. [Aidi-Safuan]
    I wish I know how to do it, sorry cant teach u =S

  9. it has been years that i joined any birthday party! it looks really fun!! haha! anyway, congrats on winning the slurpee contest!!

  10. [Theeggyolks]
    Must make yourself a birthday party ya.
    Thanks for the congratz~! Still thinking how to reward the supporters.

  11. Are those charcoal? Why do they look so symmetrical?

  12. [Mr Definite]
    Yeap they are.
    The more high class aka more expensive type of charcoal.
    Easy for stacking + put up a fire I guess


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