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No Strings Attached

When ever you signed up a telco or even internet package, there is always something to bind you down before you can fully enjoy their special offer or promotion.

It would be great if their service is good at all time and without any complaints. But what if it isn't? You won't able to forget about the 1 year contract [which is called string attached] and close down the account as easy as that.

For example you've just signed up with a wireless internet service provider, then you were provided with their look superb wireless modem. During first week the connection is still okay(7-days trial), but then after that it become slower than dial-up speed. What can you do when you are tied up with their contract? You will have to suffer until the bond end.

BUT HEY guess what, the big guy down here is offering a different package:

P1W1max W1ggy

With the new Wiggy(W1ggy) Plan, you can get affordable speed with higher usage quota. And the best part is with no contracts and no restrictions. How great is that? Now I can surf the net anywhere I go, with no strings attached of course =)

Check out their updated plan here:

W1ggy 89 is at 1.5 Mbps with fair usage quota of 15GB. With additional of RM40 per month, you can enjoy the internet surfing speed which is up to 3 Mbps~!

Please be reminded that P1W1max is a wireless internet connection, which means you don't have to sit at home just to enjoy the internet. You can surf the internet at anywhere now~!

Besides, I would like to share the official trailer of Project Alpha Season 2 here:

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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