30 April 2010

Yeni's Surprise Birthday 2010

Early in April went to Yeni's surprise birthday party. Successfully give her a surprise and we had fun at the birthday party. Actually I only know Yeni, PeiYing and Ivan while all others are new face+friend to me. Thank you to the ppl who "ffk" la. I become some sort the photographer of the day, this explain why I have only 2 photo of myself la. Consider taking picture for her as her real birthday present =)

"Who are you? You look handsome" - the curious dog in the house

Barbecue is our theme so we need someone to put on the fire right? Thank you to this guy who keep sweating for doing this. Sometimes it is good to be a photographer, wakaka.

The moment Yeni asked Ivan, "Why don't you tell me?!"

Okay, the fire is hot, time to eat!

Not only he put on the fire, he also serve the lady their order too

I kinda like this handmade desserts - Banana Spin Roll with Hot Chocolate Top

This party is almost 80% all girls

Only a few guys attended

"I'll carry you" - Sweet moment between Charmaine with her boyfriend

Honestly, if my leg wasn't that flat. It can fight with the girls =/
You can ask friends who have "accidentally" touched my leg before, "Wah~" is all they say.

Facebook Quiz also tell me I am 100% Metrosexual

What if the boyfriend fight with the girlfriend? Guess who will win.

Ah, Kat is the new owner of D90. She told me she bought at RM3,300++ including the kit lens. RM700 cheaper than I buy my D90 few months ago! T.T

Never mind, look at the brightside, I never regret as without D90 I won't able to take nice picture of American Idol Kris Allen. =) *self consoling + positive thinking*

Myself with PeiYing

After we all get full with the BBQ + desserts, it is time to sing Birthday song for Yeni.

I guess Yeni didnt expect this would come from her bf *haha*

Luckily it is just a bit cream on the nose

Wish them both all the best for coming day =)

It is good to be a birthday boy/girl. You can have so many presents!

The party doesn't end here as we have another birthday cake for this "lucky" guy. Haha

First time saw people with circular shape cream all over his face!

Both birthday girl and boy =)

This is the birthday cake's form after the face bash. Become the mold of his face already.

Last but not least, please receive a kick from the pinky hippo! Almost everyone dig its nose once they saw the hole. =D

Although this is a late post, I still wish you happy birthday again Yeni!

So here is a question for all readers who just finished reading/skipping this. If your birthday is tomorrow, you wish to receive cash $$ or present with the same value? Your comment are always welcomed!

29 April 2010

Iron Man 2 Movie (2010)

Iron Man 2 Movie

First of all, thanks to LG for give us a chance to watch Iron 2 yesterday. This is considered a very early premiere to me and my friend. The venue is at Garden's GSC, which is my first visit to there.

This premiere is a lot different than all premiere that I've been before. All the people around here who waiting to watch the movie are not bloggers. (but I saw kyspeaks with his friend la, not sure if she is his gf =D ) They are more like working parents who bring child along.

PS: This is a PG13 movie for your information.

There are lots of people at the entrance welcoming us by saying "Please switch off your mobile phone, and enjoy your movie".

Where as there is a girl on the speaker with (which I think) rude voice saying "For all LG Guest, please switch off your handphones and all electronic devices when you enter the cinema". A bit annoying when listen to it, maybe she thought she speak too softly.

The cinema Hall 2 was not open even after 9.30pm

I think it is because they want to prepare all the soft drinks + popcorn ready for us in the hall. This is a good move.

However, I am kinda disappointed with the seats. Although it is a Twin seat that linked together. They look broken and I smelled urine smell around my seats. Wonder which fella get shock or too happy when watching the movie. (It could be from the child too).

Here is a tips for GSC Garden, use Febreeze to make your cinema hall smell better please.

Invited my blogging buddy MsXeroz to come along

Noticed the movie crews will stand at the corner of the hall supervise us watching the movie. They will exchange shift after certain time but I still pity them. All they do is to prevent us record/pirate the video.

My opinion about the movie:

Natallie (Scarlet Johansson) is the hot babe in the movie. The Google technology was implemented to google for her gorgeous modeling image. She was trained well for this movie.

Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) is always the good assistant and lover of Iron man, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). You will see how she handle the job as a director.

Kinda like the character of Tony and in this movie you will see how he fight the death of himself by creating new element (thanks to his father for the clue). I wanna be as wealthy and tough like him.

Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes (Don Cheadle) is Iron Man's best buddy and if you don't want to miss the scene where they had a fight, you must watch this movie.

The bad guy Ivan Vanko(Mickey Rourke) who has the electric whip is very strong + can even bit Iron Man. I enjoyed the scene where he created tons auto-robot to hunt Iron Man but as for his own fighting scene. It just ended way too fast.

After watching back the trailer I noticed there is at least one scene being "potong" in Malaysia. The scene where Iron Man let Natalie play with the "weapon".

Happy to see there will be a sequel which related to Hammer-that-drop-from-the-sky. I am sure Marvel fans know what is coming out.

Overall rating: 8/10

Bird on Bukit Jalil's River Trash

Bird on the River Trash, originally uploaded by TC CHeN.

This picture was taken during I crossing bridge over the river near Bukit Jalil. That is only small pile of trash I am showing. There are more over the river...Guys, stop throwing trash at the wrong site.

Just a short post, I falling a sick because get wet under rain + car aircon. [Definitely not because of the acid rain that was rumored recently]. So gotta eat plain food like porridge starting today. Tomorrow morning will go to be an "object" to be scan using ultrasound. I will able to hear my hear beat again.

Preparing blog post for LG blog and hope it can be done latest by today!

Heavy rain is coming again so dear all please drive safely. We are not casting video for Tokyo Drift =)

28 April 2010

Crocs Warehouse Sale | Ikano Power Centre

Guys! Are you a big fans of CROCS shoes? Today I was with few other sporty bloggers (Jessica, Feeq, Jeremy Choi, Jonathan Yip, Nigel Tee, ChingYen and Daniel) visited the CROCS Shop @ Ikano Power Centre to get a sneak peek on what is on sales!

Which color and design is your favourite?

So here is a sneak peek of what will be available in coming CROCS Warehouse Sale @ Ikano Power Centre, 2nd Floor, Lot S3. Starting from 30th April - 3rd May 2010.

Remember this CROCS Warehouse Sale Banner!

30th Apr - 3rd May : Warehouse sales open to public, 10am- 10pm. First 500 digi users who flash their digi mobile at CROCS cashier whilst paying will receive a RM10 CROCS cash voucher. Digi customers who make any transaction at digi booth will received a RM10 Giant hypermarket voucher. Those who bring the RM20 cut-out voucher from newspaper/flyer will be able to redeem it upon purchase of RM200 and above.

One of the latest design Wraith and TrailBreak

I choose Cayman Winter Floral because I don't mind with the flowers *wtf*

It looks like this in bright light =)

These are only a small part of all available designs. For your information, there are CROCS for both kids and adults! So do bring your kids along for this Warehouse Sale =D

Remember this gate On 2nd Floor of Ikano Centre b'cos there are shoes up to 70& off!

Remember to grab this RM20 Cash Discount Voucher and you can enjoy extra RM20 discount for every purchases RM200 and above at the CROCS Warehouse Sale in a single receipt.

Why are the 3 guys looking so cool?

Have a look at our Sneak Peek video freshly produced by Nigel Sia!

Crocs Warehouse Sale - Bloggers' Sneak Preview

Some picture taken by FeeQ during our shooting

Jonathan the Crocs @ Buaya

A final photo after the shoot

Do visit CROCS Warehouse Sales at Ikano Power Centre to get your favourite shoes~!

Attention to all DiGi users and UOB credit card holders:
29th April : Preview sales only open to Digi users & UOB credit card holders. Each Digi user is allowed to bring 2 friends. For entry: flash your digi mobile/UOB credit card to gain entry. All Digi/UOB members are given additional 5% off on this day.

UPDATE: For all kind readers who have already "Like" my video above. You are now eligible to get yourself a RM20 Crocs Gift Voucher from me! Please leave a comment at this blog post [Click Here] about what is your Username that you use to like my video. If you haven't, visit Project Alpha's ruumz page and vote for me.

I will select the winner through Random.Org so everyone get the equal chance of winning the prize.

This giveaway contest will close on 7th of May 11.59 PM . So start acting now! =)

PS: The gift voucher is redeemable at Ikano Power Center's and Mid Valley's Crocs departmental store only.

26 April 2010

Sodagreen Music Concert @ Sungai Wang 苏打绿 夏/狂熱 音樂會

Woots now only I share about Sodagreen's Music Concert @ 苏打绿 夏/狂熱 音樂會 happening at Sungai Wang, Malaysia. Hope I am not too late sharing the photos and video =)

Firstly, thanks WenHong for the ticket

This guy already testing the music instrument since 3PM when I arrived Sungai Wang

Then the Nokia UFO is just beside the stage. They succesfully create a hoax during that time

Has been queuing up since 4pm/5pm. The sky was sunny

Since nothing to do, I try to spot some good looking passerby, wtf

This is Ah Wee a fans of Sodagreen

And we make new friends while queuing up

You can buy CD on the spot

Or write wishes for all Sodagreen member

The fans are so good at create this handmade card!

Another group photo, this time I am inside =D
My hair was still yellow that time

At last we are allowed to get into the small space.

Then people start looking outside on the bridge

Tada, they are coming in that car!

My FM Royce found somebody's skarf on the stage

The sky starting to rain, thank god my friend got bring umbrella!

Noticed a trendy Taiwanese girl checking the sound system

Here comes Sodagreen on stage. Royce interviewed them

Ah Fu being interviewed

Then they start singing~!

QingFeng 青峰 accompany us shower under the rain

The pretty and handsome guitarist

The fans celebrated "YaFang's" 雅芳 Birthday, haha! A very feminine name given to him

Then a group photo~!

Then we continue sing along

Suddenly Ah Fu's Guitar string break off

But he continue perform

XinYi start throwing the poster

And she is kinda surprise she can throw that far , haha

XinYi is sharing what she think and QingFeng asking us to be silent, wakaka

Jia Kai @ YaFang laughed

Afu also while wiping his guitar

I kinda like this picture coming out from my compact camera

I smelled somethign burning and keep wonder if it come from this spotlights

Later then I dun care cos he is singing damn good =D

I still remember this moment where we can "order" song. Keep shouting along with other fans. *happy + memorable*


The concert end with us the fans having their signature and hand shake with all of them. They are super friendly =)

I think this is a Astro Entertainment interview given by the girl with mic. This could be my first time appear on TV Screen. Kinda funny.

Ok la last photo from this music concert~! I actually took tons of photos and couldnt really upload all on this blog post. So do hope by my blog fan page here for more Sodagreen photos~!

Cheers everyone! Hope I didn't make you get bored with my picture stories =S

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