Unboxing/Undressing BlackBerry Bold 9700

Do you like cute animals especially something like this? They look so cute when get together!! I am doing the same thing that they did whenever I am not blogging or out for event.

This post is to showoff share with you guys that I won a BlackBerry 9700 from DiGi and Nuffnang. Thank you~! Here is my winning post-event blogpost~! "DiGi SmartPlan Break Free Party | Ecoba PJ Trade Centre"

So if you need blogger to blog about your event, you can contact me for that haha.

Here's a random video of how I unbox the Blackberry Bold 9700. Enjoy~!

Wern recorded the video for me when I unbox and "undress" the Blackberry Bold 9700. Thank ya!!

After use BlackBerry Bold for one month, I like it very much especially the real time email that enable me to check email no matter where I go. It is good that I don't need to bring along laptop with me too. *No, I don't have a laptop yet ;D*

I am using DiGi Smart Plan RM68 and it is okay with me, I can even surf my bandwidth high consuming blog too through my Blackberry because of DiGi's Smart Plan.
PS: This is not an advertorial for DiGi as I really like their plan and just to share with friends who wanna subscribe a cheap and affordable mobile 3G smart plan~! If there is any advertorial you will able to see "advertorial" under my post label category.


I went to another place after lunch. This is a new "bawang" in the town. I like the design =)

Me and Wern went to SONY Music Malaysia Office to redeem the Music CD that is FREE~! Why is it free?Start join SONY Music Malaysia Faebook Page now!

Wern is 2PM's big fans and SONY Music have it!! =D

Spotted these little monkeys at Mid Valley. For your information, "baboon" have long eye lashes, but some of the homosapien's eye lashes are not long enough so they need these stuff to look more pretty + handsome.

If you are Gaga type person, this one sure suits you a lot!!

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