Putrajaya Floria 2010: Flower Photo Album

FLORIA Putrajaya - Malaysia’s premier outdoor garden and flower showcase. Open from 10-18 July 2010, FLORIA was once again held at the Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya.

After successful shows in 2007 and 2009, FLORIA returns in 2010 and is set to be even more spectacular and colourful. The festival showcases the best of the Malaysian and international landscape and horticulture industry; from commercial landscape products to garden design showcase and flower displays. Exhibitors from Malaysia and foreign countries will create exceptional displays and presentations in a park-setting environment.

Themed “Tropical Splendour”, FLORIA 2010 will showcase the biggest collection of Heliconias in full bloom in an outdoor theme garden display.

Me and Xeroz, Wern, Nicole+ her family went to there on Saturday evening. There were lots of flower lover dropping by and it was car everywhere.

When you are still children, do you play with bubbles? How bout now?

Crowded, super crowded

Simple colour combination by different flower

Floria is a good place to do some macro shot

You can even spot cute baby too

"Simple Yellow"

Purple + pink

The "back side" of 1 Malaysia composed by flowers

A little group photo on the bridge

We are entering the Orchid's garden area. It was full with tons of different orchids

You can see a big Bonsai there too. Can get some course to learn Bonsai~

First time see so many different color orchids

Sorry my camwhore habit ;p

Wern with the big blooms of flowers

Let's start our orchid adventure. Pick the top 3 orchids that you like and comment ya











Here is a video of part of the orchid garden. Must watch~!

"Baja untuk orkid yang MALAS berbunga"

I wonder if the fertilizer is for lazy plant or lazy people *tsk tsk*

There are these two parrots for you to take picture with. One of them keep shouting "Ahhhh! Ahhh!". Sounds like a person being killed one.

There is a plant lighted chair but somehow turn Redbuttockz Wern into a firefly

I grabbed a chance to be fisherman/nelayan

I like peeping binocular =D

Did you spotted the "buaian"/ swing??

Floria 2010 is accompany with the 1Malaysia logo. But....

It become super spooky when there are people standing beside it with green spot light illuminate them. Between Ghostmonth has arrived, so drive safely at night especially the motorcyclist ya. You might just fetch one more "person" back at midnight ~

You can actually play with depth of field to have this kind of photo =)

Stopping by at one of the Putrajaya bridge and have some shoot of that shining building. That's the end of my Floria 2010 trip. We went to Puchong 1 Cafe for supper.

Since there are some spotlights near the carpark. I just make full use of it to snap photo of model of the day - Wern.

Last but not least, just to share the Xeroz couple (Nicole and Jian/ZJ/Marshall) is having a loving relationship. And they live happily ever after ~!

Do comment on which photo you like the most and which one I can improve on it ya. Your feedback are always appreciated. Ohya, do comment on my grammar errors too if you spot any, cos I wanna improve my english writing~! "Arigato go zaimatsu"

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  1. eeek i become firefly =O
    i wonder is there any baja untuk org malas kekekeke.. im in need of that xD

  2. i like the last photo: XeRoZ orchid and MsXeRoZ orchid. ^^

  3. [Wern]
    Haha rotan ada, baja tak ada

    Glad u like it =D

  4. like all the photos ! especially the "simple yellow", i use it for my desktop image now ! xD

  5. i like the last photo: XeRoZ orchid and MsXeRoZ orchid. ^^


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