Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay (Melaka): Part 4 - Process Paddy in Kampung Style

This is the Edward I spotted from during Melaka Agro-Tourism Homestay. You can read my previous post for more photos of naked Edward Cullen. Too bad he didn't shine at night lol

Early next morning after playing with Edward, the bat I have the kampung style breakfast which taste simple and nice =) Thanks to my foster parent for feeding us!

Me, James and David walk at the roadside to the paddy field for our next explore spot.

I don't know if you know someone related to Saleh Bin Md. Jedi. Cos I don't know too...

There are new planted paddy in the field and all are young and green

It all grow from the seed, the unprocessed rice

It feel so nice to get sunshine in the morning. But it doesn't feel very nice soon because it was going to be noon.

Encik handsome appear again in this blogpost briefing us what we are going to experience later. Was suppose to catch eels at the paddy field but too bad not the season...

This is the unprocessed rice directly from the paddy

And we are learning how people in village/kampung processed them into rice. This is how we do it, we just smashing at the rice using a wood stick so that the brown color paddy husk will peel off.

Ops sorry camwhoring with the morning sun and kampung scenery. The "room" behind is actually a toilet.

After smashing the rice for a period of time, we need to filter it by disposing the brown rice husk. Because the paddy husk is lighter this method can actually keep all the rice and remove the paddy husk.

All you have to do is throw the rices into the air and catch them back as swiftly as you can. Like Pokemon's Pikachu ar. *swift swift swift*

This is how the half-processed rice looks like =)

People nowadays eat rice with some brown husk because it contain fibers to cure constipation. *tsk tsk tsk*

PS: If you are encountering constipation problem, just have a bottle of Yogurt Drink will cure it

Noticed that kampung kid is easily satisfied with the thing they have. Not like some kids living in town want lots of TOY "R" US, PSP, Nintendo Wii +++

He is so kind to share his potato chips with us =D Angel soul!! You try ask kids in town, most of them will ask you back what you want to give in return. Wtf

Beside that place have a big pond full of lotus. I was playing water splash and try to capture the moment.

Pinky lotus

A little bit more closer to the lotus flower

The long time no see flower from a tree that I was very familiar with.

Last but not least, thanks Kakak for telling us how to process the rice, filter it and tell jokes for us. I've recorded a video and will try to upload it now. Hope you enjoy my travel post~!

Between, I feel lucky cause able to witness a goat born in front of me =D Stay tune on next blog post for Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay by subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 or follow @TianChad on Twitter.


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