Hungry Ghost Festival @ Puchong 蒲种城庆中元节

小三元歌仔戏 Hungry Ghost Festival Performance @ Puchong 蒲种城庆中元

"Much like Western culture's Halloween, some Eastern cultures celebrate a Fall festival where they believe the gates of hell are thrown open, releasing hungry ghosts to wander the earth in search of food and taking revenge upon those who wronged them in life. This month-long festival is known as the Hungry Ghost Festival and takes place during the 7th lunar month.

Unlike other celebrations of the dead in Eastern cultures that seek to honor dead ancestors, the Hungry Ghost Festival seeks to pacify the hungry ghosts, the ghosts of strangers and the un-cared-for dead. These are the ghosts of those who died by their own hands, by accidents, by drowning or hanging who have been denied entry into heaven. Angry because they are forced to dwell in hell without food or comfort, when released, they search for souls to take their place in misery.

The most important days of this month are the 14th and 15th, the days of the great feasts. On the 14th, a great feast would be held to honor family ancestors. Prayers and offerings would be made at family altars. On the following night, the 15th, they would feast for the hungry ghosts. Held outside under the full moon, these feasts feed the evil spirits so that they will leave the living alone and bribe(贿赂) the ancestors for luck with money and the harvest."

There was this Hungry Ghost Festival/Performance going on last week and as a curious guy I went there to see-see-look-look. Here is one of the dragons that spitting out water.

There was this girl singing on the stage. She came all the way from China!

People were lighting the incense sticks to pray. To feed them spiritually

Here are all the statue for you to pray. There are so many characters inside.

This huge paper made statue is the "king of hell" namely Hades 阎罗王. Can you see Ksitigahba Buddhisattva 地藏菩萨 sitting in front?

黑白无常 @ Black-and-White Impermanence. The two "people" that responsible to catch bad spirit

Tons of joss sticks and big candle just for them.Tonight I just saw some people burning those joss paper and candles too.

The performance continue and here is one of it. She sing quite well, but most songs are for elderly fans.

She dressed like the old time people. Like the princess in HongKong Drama.

Another pose after she finish perform. I like it =D

This guy was singing a song about fox & human. Forgot the name. Pirate of Caribbeans' costume!

I just noticed there were a few rows of seats reserved for the "brothers" aka hungry ghost to watch the show! Luckily I can't see anyone inside*creepy*

Actually got a lot special performance nearby my house during Hungry Ghost Festival and this is just one of it. The girl dressed as a barbie doll so uniquely like what Lady Gaga always did.

The fireworks was so dangerous that it explode on the land instead of at the sky. If there are ignitable stuff, sure have fire all around the place already.

You can only know how dangerous it is after watch this video.

Audio was muted because the song they use somehow was copyrighted =S

This is the dangerous fireworks that finish fired at the roadside. Never ever light it when the surrounding is crowded ar. You are advised to sleep earlier especially tonight because "they" are looking for food~

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