MTV World Stage Wonder Girls in Malaysia Hot Hot~! 2010

First of all, thanks to BlupBlup I manage to get ticket to watch Tokio Hotel, Kate Perry and especially Wonder Girls to perform live at MTV World Stage 2010 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.

Thanks Simon for passing us the ticket =D
*Yeah I cut my hair because I can't handle long hair*

31st, the end of the month is a good time to enjoy Basket Robbin at 31% discount =)
Can you see the super enjoy face of Xiang Cool?

We bluppers went to KimGary for lunch, Pappa John Pizza for drinks. Kinda big group I can say.

Jamie and Simon

"Little" Nicole also went to have a big bucket of Basket Robbin on 31st and share with us

Tallboyz is definitely tall =)

ZJ (Xeroz) and Joshua Ong

Here are the queue that already start accumulating since 10am. Yeap people camping here.

Suddenly the weather went bad and rain heavily. I feel "kesian" for all the people who are queuing up...

Because of MTV World Stage and the BIG Rain, Umbrellas is the hottest selling item in Sunway Pyramid. Did you get your umbrella from Jusco? ;p

Okay I gotta mention a BIG special thanks to MohdZaid because he rush all the way from TimeSquare after work and jam all the way to Sunway just because he wanted to redeem the tickets of MTV World Stage and give to my friends. Because of the jam we almost not able to get the ticket, this is a big "challenge" for me as I encounter some issues (which I consider big issue) if I can't get it. Zaid even offer to give me and my friend their passes because don't want to lose a friend. I do appreciate good friends.

Fortunately, "Looking at the brightside" (this is how I live positively), I happened to get a chance to see many different character from many persons. Thank god for the ticket counter extended their redeem period and we all manage to get ticket to go to MTV World Stage. Because of this, me and a few friends did not get stuck in the BIG queue or getting all wet because of the rain.

Thanks again for everything Zaid, please do visit his blog ya =)

A few of us went to FullHouse to have dinner instead of "fighting" with the rain

Having this Seafood Spaghetti @ Fullhouse, nice decoration but it is a bit pricey for a normal taste food.

Camwhore a bit while queing up after the rain become drizzling only

For people who happen to queuing up at sunway there, please becareful when you are standing at this spot as it become very slippery after rain even you are wearing power grip shoes.

The queue was moving fast but people who came late started to cut queue in front

The VIP Zone

The VVIP Zone!! Hmmmmm

You can get your favourite TV World Stage T-Shirt there. But I can say it is not cheap.

It is a really big crowd and we try not to get too close with each other because it was raining + people were sweating. *smelly+ heat*

One of the VJ - Chris from Japan
*He doesn't looks like Japanese*

Me, Kelvin's friend, Kelvin and Xeroz

It was a surprise to see Wonder Girls perform after BunkFace. I thought Tokio Hotel would come next before WG.

I was standing far far away from the stage and this is how Wonder Girls looks like after 100x magnify using my compact cam. *sorry can't see their face*

They dance really well and I do enjoy it!! =D Just too bad I can't get nice photo of them because no DSLR + Press Conference. *Gotta try get one pass for 2011, who is going to help me? Haha*

Another one lucky shot of Wonder Girls posing and listening

How I wish Wonder Girls said something like this lol

Aparently WG has their rocking side

Each member has a guitar to play and dance with.

You know what? One of the Wonder Girls said Hi to me.

*just Kidding!*

You get to play "balls" during the concert

A little camwhore

The day raincoat become my skirt

The food and drinks were expensive inside Sunway lagoon Surf beach. Rm15 for a small pizza, RM5 for just a mineral water.

Good buddies to hanging out =D

Okay, here is a thing I would like to say about MTV World Stage, it is great that "you" happen to get wonderful artists come to perform at Malaysia, giving out free passes and all and that,or even helped some people to earn money through selling their ticket because of the artist who came.

BUT, there is a major issue during the performance. There are many way too long delay between each performing artist group, we have waited and standing for at least 45 minutes just to wait for Tokio Hotel to perform. What make this take so long?? Are they lacking of hair styling stuff or even mascara? *No offence, which I might just offended you* If you guys are having technical issue such as electric cable got problem because of rain, we don't mind if you inform us so we can wait patiently. But if it is because "you" are holding the crowd just to show more ads on the big screen, "you" know what would happen next right? That long delay definitely turn our mood down till we decided to leave earlier...

That's why we missed out Tokio Hotel and Kate Perry's awesome performance.

Bye bye MTV World Stage 2010 without a good ending for us and many more.

However there is one thing that I like very much, it is their quick picture uploads to MTV Worldstage website even before the event end. Picture credits to MTV World Stage Asia

Tokio Hotel definitely need mascara to looks like Tokio Hotel. Not forget to mention Adam Lambert have this similar looks too. Picture credits to MTV World Stage Asia

Like this picture of Kate Perry the most as eye contact is very important~!
Picture credits to MTV World Stage Asia

For more pictures please visit MTV World Stage Asia Official Website. You can spot your self among the crowd too.

All in all, I will start working hard to make something impossible (for now) to become possible. Next year will try to get a "super pass" and take nice photos of all the artists!! Of course, I will need reader's help in anyway that can make this happen.

Thanks again to BlupBlup for the MTV WorldStage ticket and thanks MohdZaid for being a very nice + good friend!

PS to organizer: Next time try not to put a super long delay between performances kay? It is like watching a 10 minutes TV Show with 1 hours of advertisement...

Last but not least, please enjoy the performance of Wonder Girls after Bunk Face performed. They are really Hot.Hot~!

Wonder Girls @ MTV World Stage 2010
*Will upload more video of wonder girls tomorrow*

This is how the backstage lighting should looks like when Wonder Girls perform ALL their songs

Wonder Girls Nobody Performance with Encore and MTV World Stage Mascot dancing on the screen. Now this explain why we need to wait so long for Tokio Hotel to come out.

For lots of high resolutions photos Wonder Girls at the concert you must visit this post Wonder girls Concert Photos Mtv World Stage. *Must read if you don't want to miss out good stuff!*


  1. [Biopolymath]
    Thanks =) Please share it with your friends too!

  2. Wow, I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing, TianChad. ^^

  3. [Erika Toh]
    You are welcom Erika =)
    Hope you enjoyed~!

  4. the photo u post for the VJ is not UTT. D:

  5. [tanjc02]
    Thanks =) Just noticed that haha
    Between what is his name?

  6. hes Japan Vj..erm..chris.LOL!
    btw nice post :)

  7. LOL. They did mention it was technical problem la. The VJs came out and announced. TH was already there waiting to perform but they just couldn't because of technical problems. And while waiting for Katy Perry, the VJs' microphone went on and off. I guess you guys went home without knowing that.

    p.s. And you wouldn't know that Wonder Girls came out to perform again after Katy Perry, would you? Hehe..

  8. [atreyu strange]
    I heard he said need to wait for 15 minutes but it is way more longer than that probably 50 minutes =)

    Nevermind la at least I didn't miss my favourite Wonder Girls =)

    It is good that Wonder Girls came out again because when they perform the back screen is not functioning at all.

  9. LOL. They did mention it was technical problem la. The VJs came out and announced. TH was already there waiting to perform but they just couldn't because of technical problems. And while waiting for Katy Perry, the VJs' microphone went on and off. I guess you guys went home without knowing that.

    p.s. And you wouldn't know that Wonder Girls came out to perform again after Katy Perry, would you? Hehe..


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