National Cancer Awareness & Jamuan Teh Malaysia [JAM] | Delicious @ Marc Service Residence

Early first Sunday of August (8th), Sabah Tea has joined forces with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) in a cancer awareness campaign as a partner in the "Jamuan Teh Malaysia" event or more fondly know as JAM. Jointly organized by BCWA and NCSM, JAM is a fund-raising event.

Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA)

JAM aims to encourage fellow Malaysian's to host a fun tea party for friends, family or workmates at their chosen venue. And, at the same time do their bit for charity by making a small donation to raise funds that will be channeled to BCWA and NCSM in an effort to support them to continue to offer their services to the public.

The key sponsor of JAM, Sabah Tea is honored to organize a JAM event at a popular eatery in Kuala Lumpur, Delicious @ Marc Service Residence exclusively for the members of the Media.

As serving tea is the main affair at every JAM event, the management of Delicious Group have been extremely gracious and supportive by sponsoring a wonderful afternoon tea today at their Delicious outlet in Marc Service Residence with free flow of Sabah Tea.

Sabah Tea is the nation's only 100% pesticide free tea. It tasted nice and different compared with other tea. If you are interested, you can buy it from local supermarket =)

For more information, please visit

Since BCWA is there, sure have some "teaching material" to teach us how to discover different breast conditions, and learn to check for lumps. There are "breast with no lumps", "breast with fibrocystic tissue" (harder than the normal one) and "breast with lumps" (you can feel there is a hard stuff inside the breast).

There are kind volunteers which are also breast cancer survivor that teach us and help another woman recovering from breast cancer.

BCWA provide psychosocial support such as hospital visit and group sharing, non medical aids such as prosthesis and wigs, public education such as breasts health workshop and breast self examination (BSE) demonstration to individuals, organizations and schools. More info available at

If you need support and palliative care for holistic range of cancer services, do visit National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) for their service. You can always find them @

This is Mr. Teh See Yong, General Manager of Sabah Tea (M) Sdn Bhd having his welcome speech =)

Ms. Ranjit Kaur, President of Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) shared with us that some of the breast cancer that happened on female were actually discovered by their spouse. So guys, please don't be hesitate to touch the above three breast to help your girlfriend/wife discover and check for lumps okay?

RedDaddy and RedMummy was there for the event too =)

Red Mummy & KlubbKidd

KlubbKidd was sharing about tips when travel to Bangkok, about where to shop, how to shop to get good stuff at cheaper price =) He should write a blog post for people to read~!

A pict of me by Michelle and funny enjoying face of RedDaddy *haha*

Besides the unlimited flow of Sabah Tea, Delicious @ Marc Service Residence is serving us some afternoon-tea that I would I to share with you guys. Chocolate cakes with hazel nuts, must eat while it is still warm.

Sandwiches with two meat "cup-cakes" aside. I like the "cupcakes" very much and the cucumber bread =D

Sweet finger food where you can have chocolate covered strawberries, the hidden sweet chocolate covered with coco powder (super nice + sinful), and also some butter biscuit with blueberry jam and special cream.

Okay let you guess, they are talking about tea/ breasts? Haha!

First time taking photo with KimberlyCun =)

Able to capture the lovely moment between KimberlyCun and ShaolinTiger. *happy*

Met new friends at the cancer awareness event - Virus Padu and Ceera =)

Both of them are very experienced blogger yo! See the visitor counter I already terkejut. There are a lot more professional bloggers out there ar, so please do share with us some blogging tips kay?

I didn't take photo with RedMummy this time because I keep it for next time when we meet. Haha~!

Here is part of the group photo as I was hiding behind and a good soul trying to get the group photo of us.

The parking that cost me RM14.00. Seems like Marc Service Residence is for "high end user"

This is the moment I first touch many different "woman breasts" (soft, hard and lumps) to learn how to check for lumps or abnormal "sensation". Thanks to the two volunteers who so eager to teach me and Michelle for taking this photo!!

Hmmm....Will I feel the same when touching a real one? I have no idea!! Here goes my first time!!


This event was broadcasted on TV3 last Sunday too. Click here if you want to watch the video. I looks a bit stunt in that video. lol

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  1. the feel is different la lengchai. the real one more... ermmm no comment hahahaha

    good entry ya :) more info. i likeeee.

    nice knowing u lengchai. i hope can see you soon.

  2. [Viruspadu]
    Haha is it more firm or??? Ur post better cos teaching ppl how to check ar
    Nice meeting you too ar!

  3. so later if michelle invite u to attend another event, force her to invite me together hahahaha. so we can meet again :p

    joking lah!

  4. [Viruspadu]
    Haha is it more firm or??? Ur post better cos teaching ppl how to check ar
    Nice meeting you too ar!


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