Apr 22, 2014

Nuffnang's 7th Birthday Bash @ Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre #Nuffnangis007

Nuffnang celebrated 7th Birthday at Barbeque Garden, KL Live #Nuffnangis007
Nuffnang celebrated 7th Birthday at Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre #Nuffnangis007

All right, exactly one month earlier Nuffnang was celebrating their 7th birthday at Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre with the theme of 'James Bond stranded at tropical place'. Since it is an open air restaurant, I didn't want to wear coat/long sleeve to the event and wore my usual striking green and sheep shirt to the event. 

In stead of driving to the event venue, we called an Uber Ride to send us to Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centree. Uber Taxi ride is much more premium if compared to MyTeksi because you will be in a cool car like Mercedez Benz. Now check out all the event photos espcially my cool ride to KL =D

Apr 20, 2014

[REVIEW] Jersey Boys Live in Kuala Lumpur. I Love it!

Jersey Boys Live In Malaysia @ Istana Budaya. Love it =D
Jersey Boys Live In Malaysia @ Istana Budaya. Love it =D

Not sure if you guys know about Jersey Boys but I actually heard about them during my London Olympic 2012 trip. Saw it showing on one of the theatre but I wasn't sure how good is the show until I got the opportunity to watch it live at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks to organiser Milestone Production and Nuffnang (Official Social Media) I've got the chance to not only watch 'Jersey Boys' Live in Kuala Lumpur but also manage to make three lucky readers' dream comes true when they able to watch it live. If you didn't join my giveaway earlier you've missed quite a lot good stuff ;p

Jersey Boys is about a group of four talented man which one of the member has the high pitch that not every man could have. Some people may say his unique voice sound gay but I truly think that it is a blessing for him who can sing so well even when it is live in the theatre! Just like QingFeng from Sodagreen, his voice is unique and identical but good to hear although his pitch is higher than average guy. Not everyone can beat his high pitch vocals yo. Let me share more photos taken during the event:

Apr 19, 2014

Shila Amzah LOVE Concert Live in Malaysia 茜拉《爱》大马演唱会 [13 September 2014] #LoveConcertShilaAmzah

Shila Amzah 茜拉 LOVE Concert Live in Malaysia - 13 September 2014

Shila Amzah 茜拉 LOVE Concert Live in Malaysia - 13 September 2014

Shila Amzah 茜拉, Malaysia own renowned artist is going to launch her very first concert in Malaysia this coming 13 September 2014. Shila Amzah LOVE Concert in Malaysia, jointly organized by Mega Ultimate, and Shila Amzah Entertainment. Since it is still long way to go, they haven't decide which venue to use but they revealed a few things on the press conference which held at KL Tower this evening.

Shila Amzah 茜拉 will invite a male singer (local/international) so that they can sing love songs and duet together. Shila Amzah 茜拉 also shared that if LeeHom 王力宏 is her special guest, she will be too nervous to sing her song properly but it would be great if LeeHom can be a suprise on the concert day itself. If I have the decision to choose who to duet with Shila, it will be non other than 光良Guang Liang and 曹格 Gary Chaw. They are both powerful male vocal in Malaysia!

Shila Amzah 茜拉 and the organizers has planned to have her concert in other countries such as Singapore, China, and etc. Her first concert will kick off on 16 August 2014 in Shanghai, China.

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