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23 September 2014

ntv7 Golden Awards Red Carpet 金视奖红地毯谁与争锋 #GoldenAwards #金视奖

ntv7 Golden Awards 2014已圆满结束!!大家都知道成绩了对不对?那我今天就和你们分享在Red Carpet 红地毯拍到的照片啦!!这一次因为有访问瑶瑶,贺军翔和炎亚纶等人,所以错过了一些艺人的照片。这一次星光大道明星们有身材的就露身材,不过Debbie吴天瑜这次就较保守,有披风做女侠哈哈。Aenie王淑君那肉色的群最让人有视觉错误,差点以为她“没穿”。Christ童冰玉红地毯上的蓝裙最为抢眼啦,你们看到照片就会知道了。喜欢ntv7 Golden Awards 2014的朋友,记得和你喜欢的艺人分享这里的照片!!

19 September 2014

[Contest] Win Tickets to 周杰伦 Jay Chou’s “Opus 2 Jay World Concert” in November #MahSingJayChou

[Contest] Win Tickets to Jay Chou’s “Opus 2 Jay World Concert” in November #MahSingJayChou
To all Jay Chou fans in Malaysia, here's your chance to win VIP Tickets to Jay Chou Opus 2 Jay World Concert Live in Malaysia this November. The Jay Chou concert tickets worth RM1,776 and there will be an additional RM2000 cash prize. More info as below:

Jay Chou
 lookalikes, fans and singing enthusiasts of both sexes can participate by submitting their Jay Chou Look-alike photo into the 
Mah Sing Facebook. The participants must aspire to capture the cool look of Jay Chou in their pictures to garner votes. They must show their commitment to win the tickets by encouraging their friends to vote for them. The top 20 finalists with the highest number of votes will be selected with the approval of the Mah Sing’s management team.Public voting ends on October 18.

17 September 2014

Mariah Carey "The Elusive Chanteuse" Show Tour Live In Malaysia 2014: Happy Malaysia Day!

Mariah Carey "The Elusive Chanteuse" Show Tour In Malaysia 2014

Date : Wednesday, 22 October 2014
Time : 8pmVenue : Stadium Merdeka
Mariah Carey, wishes Malaysia "Happy Malaysia Day! Stay strong! See you in Kuala Lumpur on 22 October ' XoXo Mariah Carey". The best selling female singer of all time will hit our shores next month, bringing her tour entitled Mariah Carey 'The Elusive Chanteuse Show' Tour In Malaysia 2014 on 22nd October at Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur at 8pm.

15 September 2014

[Wedding Actual Day] CK & ZiNing Tie The Knot @ Sg Siput, Ipoh

 CK & ZiNing - 2014
Happy happy! Now is the right season to get married. I would like to congrats CK and ZiNing again for getting married in June this year. CK is my unimate and I am proud of him as he got his Master and Professor after we graduated with Biotechnology's Degree. I guess my career pathway diverted from my initial field but I never regret for taking this course because I get to know a bunch of great friends throughout the years. CK is a very kind person and I always remember him who took out time to meet up during my visit to London in year 2012. I am glad that CK and ZiNing has already tie their knot together and I gotta give big thumbs up for CK on the wedding arrangement as I got myself a comfortable place to rest before their wedding day and do their actual-day slideshow in peace haha. 

CK and ZiNing's wedding was held in Sg Siput and it is a peaceful place to stay if you wanna get close to the nature. It is not as busy as the KL City. Now here are some photos taken during their actual day and  the-day-before-praying ceremony, I hope you guys would like it!!

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