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25 April 2015

Peace Teo 张诒博赴往中国第四季 《The Voice中国好声音》盲选 - 祝您成功!!

希望 Peace张诒博能在《TheVoice 中国好声音2015》得到很好的成绩!!

希望 Peace Teo 张诒博能在《TheVoice 中国好声音2015》得到很好的成绩!!

恭喜Peace张诒博将代表马来西亚去第四季《TheVoice 中国好声音2015》盲选!!前天听到了他的live演出还真的很棒。备受全球华人注目的《中国好声音》再度与八度空间合作,招募好声音。早前举办的网上招募吸引了大约1500名本地参赛者。高手如云,最后仅有11位参赛者成功晋级并参与《中国好声音第四季 - 马来西亚招募站》录影。表现亮眼的Peace张诒博,凭着精湛歌艺和稳定有自信的台风,突破重围,获得评审好评,即将代表马来西亚前往中国参加第四季《中国好声音》盲选。


22 April 2015

Kau Ilhamku Man Bai @ RAKU Radio & Music Apps Launch

A picture with Man Bai who sang 'Kau Ilham Ku' @ RAKU Music Apps Launch

What an honour to listen to one of the music legend Man Bai performed live during RAKU (Radio Aku) -Malaysia's own music and radio streaming mobile app at laundry bar the other day. I like his music and it was definitely good to meet him in person as well! Thanks Azaria helping me to take this photo ;p

We all know bout Spotify but RAKU is something more Malaysian. Not only you can choose your favourite music, you can also listen to your favourite radio programmes like MY FM, HitsFM and podcasts from Malaysia and all around the world. You may Enjoy RAKU for free or go premium and start creating your own radio stations and playlists. RM14.90 per month (include GST).

20 April 2015

My Lenovo Project:RE - Rediscover The City Of KL

My Lenovo Project:RE - Rediscover The City Of KL

Remember my previous post of unboxing Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows?? I am hereby sharing something with you on a project that I am going to start on with the help of this new Yoga Tablet. Lenovo called it Project:RE and my task is to REdiscover the city where I am staying right now.

To get inspiration, I went to a coffee shop for morning coffee hoping to have ideas for my project soon. Without noticing I've been getting used to the tablet quickly and even figured out the best of both worlds too.

19 April 2015

Zalora Malaysia 3rd Anniversary Celebration @ Marble 8 Restaurant in KL

Zalora Malaysia 3rd Anniversary Celebration @ Marble 8 Restaurant in KL
Zalora Malaysia 3rd Anniversary Celebration @ Marble 8 Restaurant in KL

It was Zalora 3rd Anniversary few weeks back and I was welcomed by Zalora Malaysia with an invitation to their celebration at Marble 8 Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur. Together with LINE Malaysia, we had a good fine dining session with wines for Zalora's Birthday. The dress code for the event was "Formal In Black or Green" and I've decided to go with polka dotted dark blue shirt. (cos it was too hot to wear formal black yo)

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