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30 January 2015

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur 2015 Chinese New Year Decoration - 'Peak of Prosperity'

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur 2015 Chinese New Year Decoration - 'Peak of Prosperity'

I noticed that I like to capture down the efforts of people creating arts and this time is not an exception too. I am happy that Pavilion KL invited me to celebrate the year of goat with 'Peak of Prosperity' that day as I got to capture not only the CNY decoration this year, but also get to see my first lion dance of the year and "lou sang" with media friends. Hopefully this time I manage to create a better video this time and it is a combination of many video footage. Hope you guys can watch it and share it with your friend if you like it!!

Pavilion KL 2015 CNY Decoration with Lion Dance & Prosperity "LouSang" 

29 January 2015

MY ASTRO本地圈2015新春特备节目巡礼 - 《Young样得意》《欢喜吉祥》《东瀛狂想曲》《孩子王奇幻之旅》

MY ASTRO本地圈2015新春特备节目巡礼 - 《Young样得意》《欢喜吉祥》《东瀛狂想曲》《孩子王奇幻之旅》

MY ASTRO本地圈2015新春特备节目巡礼 - 《Young样得意》《欢喜吉祥》《东瀛狂想曲》《孩子王奇幻之旅》

那天在Setiawalk Grand Shanghai Food Themepark出席了 MY ASTRO本地圈2015新年特备节目巡礼,主要有四大节目登场 - 贺岁电视电影《Young样得意》, 全马首部福建电视歌舞剧《欢喜吉祥》,最新旅游节目《东瀛狂想曲》,儿童歌舞剧《孩子王奇幻之旅》 。除此之外,Astro 也推介新NJOI高清中文频道。详文请往下阅读:

《My Astro嘻嘻哈哈喜洋洋》歌舞剧 Sneak Peek @ Setiawalk 

Cool Kids - Echosmith (Jayesslee Cover) | #Jayessleeasiatour2015

"Oh that poor thing... must be so uncomfortable~"
Sharing about changes of perceptions on kids in airplane after they became parents themselves
Heyo everybody, were you at Jayesslee Asia Tour 2015 Live in Malaysia??  I still missing their great voice and live performance. Luckily I got some photos and videos to check back again. Well, since I am still in the midst of processing the photos and I wanna post a video as a little sneak peak for you guys yo. The song is none other than "Cool Kids" which original sang my Echosmith. Check out the video below after the adv jump

27 January 2015

[Review] weBoost Drive 3G-S Boost your Cellular Signal in Car #TCGiveaway

[Review] weBoost Drive 3G-S - Boost your Cellular Signal & Less Drop Call #TCGiveaway

[Review] weBoost Drive 3G-S - Boost your Cellular Signal and Less Drop Call #TCGiveaway

Having problem getting good signal in the car and experience frequent drop calls when you answer the phone? Now here's something that can makes your life better - weBoost Drive 3G-S. weBoost recently came to Malaysia and launched their first two products to meet the market need, which is to provide you better experience at both phone call and reception inside the car with this weBoost Drive 3G-S that can boost cellular signal. Below is my review on weBoost:

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