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【VIDEO】BHUTAN - A Trip For Your Soul #Bhutan #TCTravel

【VIDEO】BHUTAN - A Trip For Your Soul #Bhutan #TCTravel
Finally I can reveal this Bhutan Travel video today! I've many things to share about this but I didn't want to share it until we completed the sharing session in Table 23, Kuala Lumpur today. Thanks to DrukAsia for the arrangement and a chance for us to explore this happy place - BHUTAN.
This time I've edited the video in a much simpler editing yet putting so much efforts in it. Other than trying to look for the perfect music to illustrate our 7 days journey to Bhutan, I've also spent so much time in trying to squeeze everything into one video, which is to share the captured precious moment through visual vibes instead of just photos.

It was not easy to shoot photos and videos at the same time because sometimes you'll miss that moment. However, I do hope you will like it when you start watching it. In short, Bhutan is a place for happiness and to detox your mind. Trust me, a trip to Bhutan is a trip for your sou…

Secretly Beautiful Nami Island at Night | Things To Do In #Chuncheon

I guess you've heard of Nami Island 남이섬 because you've watch the Korean drama, but do you know there's a different kind of Nami Island especially when you wait until it sunset?? On my recent trip to Chuncheon, one of the most unforgettable moment and travel highlight was to visit Nami Island in the evening and see how it transform into something so different and beautiful at night.
Staying in Chuncheon was pretty relaxing and I really love the slower life pace in that town. Waking up naturally and enjoying the relaxing burnch before we depart to Nami Island. We took a train from Chuncheon station to Gapyeong Station (total 6 stops) and then a quick taxi ride (5,000 KRW) to Nami Island Departure station. There's also hourly shuttle bus that transfer you at 1,500 KRW only. We need to take a ferry to go into Nami Island, the VISA Entry ticket (included Ferry Fee) to Nami Island cost us 13,000 KRW per person.
It was already almost 3pm when we reach the dock, didn't ex…

2020新年贺岁歌与新春节目陪你一起过年 |《2020年新春推介礼》#鼠来宝 #笑笑力量大 #CNYKeepSmiling

微笑大使 - Rickman 谢承伟, Orange陈慧恬, Henley许亮宇, Joey梁祖仪, Jordan盛天俊, Emily陈子颖, Wilson李伟燊, Sherlyn萧丽玲
配合2020年庚子鼠年的到来,首要媒体集团旗下全马收视率第一的中文电视台八度空间,强力打造2020年新春活动和同名贺岁专辑《鼠来宝 笑笑力量大》,与ntv7、网络电视tonton、综合网络新闻平台XTRA、购物平台CJ WOW SHOP、网站Rojaklah、Viralcham、TTN谈谈网,携手传递正能量,与大众一起笑迎新春佳节!
首要媒体《2020年新春推介礼》于雪兰莪莎阿南Central i-City盛大举行,8位新春活动“微笑大使”包括Rickman谢承伟、Orange陈慧恬、Henley许亮宇、Joey梁祖仪、Jordan盛天俊、Emily陈子颖、Wilson李伟燊、Sherlyn萧丽玲同台亮相,还有八度空间一众主持人Chrystina黄玮瑄、Natalie小玉、Happy颜洁颖、Jan秦雯彬、Ley Teng陈丽亭、艺人Lynn林绿、Mayjune陈美君、Alvin王竣、Ziah张熙恩CJ WOW SHOP主持人Emerson连扬贤参与其盛,共度欢乐时光!
八度空间2020年贺岁MV :《笑笑力量大》#cnykeepsmiling
首要媒体2020年新春活动主题为《鼠来宝 笑笑力量大》,旨在倡导以笑容传递正能量,并配合主题推出了鼠年吉祥物——“鼠来宝”(Shu Lai Bao),同时也盼借此主题提醒大众,以最简单且不费力的一个笑容,把正能量散播出去,让快乐回到每个人身边。

Dyson now in Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru (JB) - Complete Series of Dyson Products All-In-One Place

Dyson Malaysia officially opens a brand new Dyson Demo Store at Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru, Malaysia on 30 October 2019.  This space has been designed to encourage visitors to pick-up, test and experience Dyson’s latest technology yourselves.
Courtesy of Dyson Malaysia, I've got the opportunity to capture the interior beauty of this new Dyson Demo Store in Johor Bahru. Other than that, I have also captured the photos during the opening launch of this Dyson Store in JB too. All the photos featured in this post are captured by yourstruly. So feel free to contact me if you have new shop/store that need interior shots. Thanks to the awesome team members from Dyson Malaysia who make sure everything looks as neat as possible for these shots. You guys are awesome! (same goes to the models of the day~)
Dyson Store Mid Valley Southkey Johor Bahru (JB) is located at G-039, The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey, Persiaran Southkey 1, Southkey, 80150 Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It will be open daily …

Soyanggang Skywalk At Night 소양강 스카이워크 | Things To Do In Chuncheon

This is my first time to explore Chuncheon in Korea, and I am going to share with you the first attraction in Chuncheon that you should pay a visit - Soyanggang Skywalk.
Soyanggang Skywalk, which located in Chuncheon is an observatory attraction spot on Uiamho Lake. The bridge will stretch out all the way for a total distance of 174 meters to the lake, and the glass floor beneath is actually transparent! This makes Soyanggang Skywalk the longest glass structure ever built in the country.
Scroll down and have a look on Soyanggang Skywalk at night. I love it colorful and enjoying a cup of coffee under the cold weather is actually pretty relaxing.


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16th Japanese Film Festival 2019 Film List @ GSC Malaysia

The annual Japanese Film Festival (JFF) turns “16” this year and is set to light up selected Golden Screen Cinemas nationwide, boasting a broad collection of current and acclaimed titles across a variety of genres ranging from family to music and comedy. The selection of 13 movies will capture hearts and minds of audiences from all ages and giving the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the latest and finest Japanese movies on the big screen.
The month-long celebration will be kicking off with the South East Asian premiere of “Little Nights, Little Love” directed by IMAIZUMI Rikiya on JFF KL Opening night on 3 September 2019. (official Japan release date 20 September 2019)

《当时明月在 BACK TO YOU》 一部会令你感动的大马故事 | 首映礼红地毯众星绚丽登场

《当时明月在 BACK TO YOU》- 『原创强档』国庆日特备电视电影. 八度空间:2019年8月31日,星期六,晚上8时30分
八度空间将于2019年8月31日(星期六),晚上8时30分,播出由Jasmine Suraya Chin陈香郿Remon林奕廷Ernest张顺源Azizah MahzanCharlie Numan SallehYuna Rahim等人主演的『原创强档』国庆日特备电视电影——《当时明月在 Back To You

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