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29 August 2014

10 Facts You Don't Know About Houdini

Houdini escape from chains twining on his body
Houdini escape from chains twining on his body

I always love to see magic because the magician can always show me something that is quite impossible in reality. This somehow prevent me from getting "trapped" in the reality and to let my imagination go wild. I guess that's how I got some crazy ideas at certain work. Sometimes you gotta be different to stand out among the crowd, just like my #TCSelfie which I accidentally found out when I was playing with my camera. Of course, I believe the more time you spend on certain thing, you will be better and even excel in it. Just like Houdini, he did all the research together with his assistant and made a lot impossible to become possible.

28 August 2014

[Interview] Win 3D2N Trip to Penang with Joanne Yew now before 4 Sep

Joanne Yew #MalaysiaSaya  Win a 3D2N all-expenses-paid trip with Joanne Yew in Penang

Joanne Yew #MalaysiaSaya Win a 3D2N all-expenses-paid trip with Joanne Yew in Penang

Few days ago I am honored to do a private interview with the female cast of The Journey - Joanne Yew together with a few other media friends. In conjunction with Malaysia upcoming 57th Merdeka Day, Maxis Hotlink organized a #MalaysiaSaya contest where Hotlink user can win priceless experience to travel with Joanne Yew for 3 Days 2 Nights at Penang. All you have to do now is to download the RED Apps and join the contest!! Now let's know more about Joanne Yew personally =)

27 August 2014

Burning Rain at Good Vibes Festival 2014 @ Sepang

Good Vibes Festival @ Sepang F1 Circuit
Good Vibes Festival @ Sepang F1 Circuit
Last weekend I was suppose to go to Good Vibes Festival with little girlfriend but she fall sick the day before... So in the end I went there alone because I don't wanna miss out performances by our talented local artists besides Empire of the Sun and Ellie Goulding. Unfortunately the rain poured heavily when Froya was performing and a few performances were forced to cancel. Luckily both Ellie Goulding and Empire of the Sun performance still on. On that day itself I have somehow become "Daddy" of two.

25 August 2014

[Review] Mi In-Ear Headphones #XiaomiMalaysia

Mi In-Ear Headphones has reached after a week through FedEx #Xiaomi
Harlo Xiaomi fans, I hope that you already got your favourite Xiaomi smartphone. Early last week I bought myself a XiaoMi In-Ear Headphones for RM50 from Xiaomi Malaysia website. Bought it together with the big Xiaomi Powerbank so I can save on the delivery cost. It seems like Xiaomi Malaysia has restrict customer to buy maximum 2 powerbanks/day or something as I was trying to buy the Xiaomi Powerbank again but I will just always on their queue on my second try. Since may readers wanna know how is the quality of Xiaomi Earphone (or their so called  In-Ear Headphones), keep on reading to know whether it worth your money ya.

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