#TCTravel: 21 Fun Things To Do In Club Med Cherating Beach

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31 July 2015

"Jojo’s Diary of Asia" on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia starting 3rd August

‘Jojo’s Diary of Asia’ starts airing in August 2015, every Monday at 8pm on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia.

It’s an absolute wonder Celebrity TV Host, Speaker and Wellness author, Jojo Struys looks so calm and radiantly positive, despite living life predominantly out of a suitcase for easily the busiest, most hectic year of her life.

Jojo Struys and her infectious positivity is beautifully captured in a host-driven travelogue entitled “Jojo’s Diary of Asia”premiering on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia, kicking off on August 3rd, every Monday at 8pm. You will be able to catch this dynamic and down-to-earth host in action as she embarks on a fascinating journey across Asia showcasing breathtaking natural wonders, travel and de-stress escapes, and relaxation techniques to help viewers become more physically fit and mentally positive.

Yoon 吴家润与Royce 陈志康拍档主持《MYFM 啱 Channel》

Yoon 吴家润与Royce 陈志康拍档主持《MYFM 啱 Channel》

Yoon 吴家润与Royce 陈志康拍档主持《MYFM 啱 Channel》

Yoon 吴家润早前在七月头宣布正式在 MYFM 宣告复出。 7 月 6 日 MYFM 就隆重其事地为此举办了新闻发布会,正式确定 Yoon 吴家润重磅加盟。同时,7 月 6 日也是 Yoon正式入主下班时段节目的“首映”。

随着 Yoon 加入伙拍 Royce陈志康,周一至周五下午 4 时至 8 时的节目时段也将以全新面貌 《MYFM 啱 Channel》与听众会面,时段内的单元包括 《讲真真嘅》、《你识 D 咩吖?》以及 《睇真 D》,分别会和听众一起探讨现代社会真实情境与共鸣、分享世界各地趣味资讯以及网罗并介绍第一手电影及电视剧资讯。


29 July 2015

[Photo+Video] Eric周興哲 《學著愛》之馬來西亞行- 關於生活與愛情 #Eric周興哲

Eric Chou 周興哲 <<學著愛>>之馬來西亞行 #Eric周興哲

Eric Chou 周興哲 《學著愛》之馬來西亞行 #Eric周興哲

當天在Puchong Setiawalk “LoudSpeaker大嘴叭”舉辦的Eric周興哲媒體記者會,除了有MYFM Jym Chong 庄靖毅的訪問,Eric也有演唱幾首《學著愛》專輯裡的歌曲,包括一首Sam Smith的cover - “StayWithMe”。

Eric周興哲除了長得像來至星星的你的韓星,本身就有一個很好的嗓子。才剛過20歲的“小鮮肉”是大馬女性青睞的新歌手。除此之外,也有多至19位內外地歌手為Eric學著愛的專輯大力支持。以下是記者會當天的訪問片段,當然也少不了Eric Chou當天自彈自唱悅耳動聽的歌曲。

Eric周興哲我很看好你的將來,接下來就在MYFM THE SHOW見面吧!!

25 July 2015

BIGBANG World Tour [MADE] in Malaysia 2015 Official Photos!! #BIGBANG #BigBanginMY #MADEinMY

BIGBANG World Tour [MADE] in Malaysia 2015 Official Photos!!

Fantastic Baby""! Is the words to describe BIGBANG World Tour [MADE] in Malaysia 2015. Due to flight delay the concert was started a bit later. However it was a good news for VIPs who got the Soundcheck Party Pass to check out BIGBANG's rehearsal moments. Even media friends were not allowed to watch yo. This is really exclusive indeed. 

Courtesy of IME Production, me and my buddy Eric Chee got the opportunities to capture precious moments of your favourite K-POP Group BIGBANG Live in Kuala Lumpur. That's really an honour to start with!! Below are the rest of the approved official photos by IME Production after selection. Hope Malaysia's BBVIP like it!!

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