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20 December 2014

7 Reasons To Own A PENTAX K-S1

7 Reasons To Own A PENTAX K-S1
7 Reasons To Own A PENTAX K-S1
There has been many readers and friends who asked me to recommend which camera they should go for if they are new in photography especially DSLR. For me, every brand has their own entry-level DSLR for newbie and beginner in photography and today I would like to introduce this fancy DSLR by Pentax - the Pentax K-S1.  Nowadays people not only look at the capability of a camera, they also look at the beauty on the casing itself. If you are a fashionable person who love futuristic design on your camera gear, Pentax K-S1 could be the one. Now let see why you should own this camera:

Pentax K-S1 Key Features:

  • Newly developed CMOS sensor with approx. 20.12 effective megapixels
  • LED body illumination indicates the current status of camera operation. Power switch LEDs stay green during still-image shooting, but change colour to red during movie recording
  • 3.0-inch, high-resolution LCD monitor, and newly designed, easy-to-use GUI (Graphical user interface)
  • Full HD movie recording with stereo audio
  • Super-high sensitivity at ISO 51200
  • Top shutter speed of 1/6000 sec.
  • High-speed continuous shooting function with a top speed of 5.4 images per second
  • Image processing tools to create 10 distinctive effects, including three new options: “Fresh” with a crystal-clean finishing touch; “Fade Colour” for an elegant finish with subdued colours; and “Infrared” for a black-and-white finish like that of an infrared photo.
  • 21 digital filters including a new “Colour Replacement” filter.
  • Smartphone-support functions available by installing the optional FLUCARD FOR PENTAX 16GB memory card**
  • DR (Dust Removal) mechanism for effective elimination of dust on the image sensor

18 December 2014

Christina Perri The Head or Heart Tour Live in Malaysia [3 March 2015]

Christina Perri The Head or Heart Tour Live in Malaysia [3 March 2015] KL Live @ Life Centre
Christina Perri The Head or Heart Tour Live in Malaysia [3 March 2015]
KL Live @ Life Centre
At first I thought Christina Perri came to Malaysia last year, but checking back my blogpost it was 2012. Wow... time does fly ha!! Good news to share with you guys because Christina Perri is coming to Malaysia next year!! This time is IMC Live Group(previously AMC Live Group) to present Christina Perri at KL LIVE @ LIFE CENTRE Kuala Lumpur on 3 March 2015!

Two years back when I first met the gorgeous Christina Perri - I've waited a thousand years like to meet her~!

In matters of love, should you rely on your heart or your head? This is the question Christina Perri posed as she began writing her second album, a collection of cathartic songs that seek to reconcile how we make decisions in love and life. The singer’s first album, lovestrong, grappled with the aftermath of a breakup, signaling Perri as an honest, genuine artist ready to share her emotional journey with her fans.

Perri was named as iTunes’ “Breakthrough Pop Artist of 2011.” This was followed by the 4x-platinum single “A Thousand Years” which was featured on Summit Entertainment/Chop Shop/Atlantic’s
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn –Part 1&2-Original Motion Picture Soundtracks.

Christina Perri - Burning Gold

“Head or heart” asks a question and offers a possible response to that query. It seeks to understand the reality of love and how we process it. It contains thoughts we’ve all thought, articulated more clearly in Perri’s strikingly compelling music and powerhouse vocals. For Perri, this album reflects where she is right now, what she’s experiencing in the present and resonates with her genuine truth. Mostly, though, it opens her to the chapter.

Christina Perri “The Head or Heart Tour” is proudly brought to you by IMC Live Group.

16 December 2014

It's Not Over even if you are HIV+ #ItsNotOver

1 in 3 teens in UK don't know that HIV is a STD

The other day I was invited by M.A.C. Cosmetics (even Beckham also got put on makeup so we guys should learn hahaha) for a screening about three persons who are HIV+ and how they live their life with positive attitudes. To be honest I don't really know how a HIV+ will feel like when they got ignored/abandoned by close friends after they knew their conditions. "It's Not Over" is a very nice reality documentary that will definitely teach you more about HIV. It IS possible for HIV+ person to have a normal relationship with healthy person as long they are under good medical care.

It's Not Over tells the inspiring story of three courageous millennials from around the world who ARE living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Award winning filmmaker Andrew Jenks takes viewers on a journey across India, South Africa and the United States to experience the epidemic first hand. The result is a deeply personal and uplifting story that is rarely represented in popular culture. You can watch "It's Not Over" trailers below:

Jenks takes viewers on a journey to South Africa, where together with Lucky, explores an area with more people living with HIV than anywhere else in the world; to India, where Sarang, an openly gay HIV+ theater director fights to preserve his way of life; and to Middle America where Paige highlights how she has turned her bad experiences of being bullied and teased into something good as a youth advocate for HIV.

It's Not Over was made possible by the M·A·C AIDS Fund and is now available via Netflix, SnagFilms and Pivot where available. The special screening was held at TGV Indulge @ 1Utama and a huge paycheck with total of RM335,574.00 was presented by M.A.C. Cosmetics Malaysia to Malaysian AIDS Foundation. 

Total amount of  RM335,574 M.A.C. AIDS Fund delivered to Malaysian AIDS Foundation by M.A.C. Malaysia

The team of M.A.C. Cosmetics Malaysia who participated in the event that evening

#TCSelfie with Fahrin Ahmad who is Malaysian AIDS Council Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporter

Another #TCSelfie including @Ashotonic and @shilashower this time

#TCSelfie with one of my blog manager @sgrmse who has that #blondeasian hashtag

Woot bad lighting but here's Nadia, emcee of the event. Long time no see yo!
I was sitting at the first row in TGV Indulge @ 1Utama and the chair does makes me feel comfortable (covered with the blanket while strong aircon blasting to us). However maybe because I was sitting too near or the shaky camera of the movie, I feel dizzy near the end of the screening haha. If you guys have 2 hours to spend, go watch "It's Not Over" on Snagfilms to learn more about HIV as they are true stories and considered as important knowledges to help us understand more bout HIV and one should never afraid of hanging out with a HIV+ person. They don't spread through contact and they are just a normal person like us too. Most importantly, you know how to prevent the infection/spreading of HIV+ by learning more about it.

For more information about It's Not Over Film, visit or watch it on Snagfilms. I hope Andrew Jenks will continue produce these meaningful films and Paige, Sarang, Lucky who fight HIV+ with bravery.

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11 December 2014

LIZZIEPMUSIC @ Alex Goot & Against The Current Live In Malaysia

LIZZIEPMUSIC @ Alex Goot & Against The Current Live In Malaysia
LIZZIEPMUSIC @ Alex Goot & Against The Current Live In Malaysia
Lizzie, who is more well known as LizziePMusic on Youtube Music Scene. It was my first time to hear her vocal and witness her talent in compose an acappella song with her secret weapon. Well, it was kinda new to me and I think she has her own unique style in performing her song. So yeah, below here will be more photos of Lizzie taken during Alex Goot & Against The Current Live in Malaysia Music Showcase. (which happened in 24th August)

Due to my "OCD Photography habit", I will either process the whole album first then only share photos bit by bit or I won't do it at all. Which explain why till now only I've decided to share photos here. To be honest I am not sure what does "Lizzie P" stands for but most probably her family name. Check out below for more photos and perhaps video recorded during her showtime.

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