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16 April 2015

The Beautiful Pedestrian Bridge & GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 @ Nu Sentral

GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 @ Nu Sentral

Throwback to few weeks ago, it was GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 at Nu Sentral. The cinema was located at the very top floor of Nu Sentral and you will reach faster if you take the elevator. I haven't really got the chance to explore Nu Sentral properly but it seems really huge with many different stores.

Other than GSC giving appreciation to media friends through good meal and welcome gift, there was a series of lucky draws including GoPro Hero 4, Samsung smartphone and iPhone 6 Plus for lucky media. Glad that my friend is lucky enough to bring the iPhone back =D 

GSC Movies also took this chance to reveal their upcoming blockbusters that night. GSC currently has a total of 31 locations with 284 screens nationwide and still counting. The cinema is expected to expand further with the opening of three more cinemas in Klang Parade, Aman Central Mall in Alor Setar and Bintulu Times Square in Sarawak this year.

15 April 2015

HANAYA 華家 Japanese Dining @ Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

HANAYA Japanese Dining @ Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur

HANAYA Japanese Dining @ Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur

Just now I was at HANAYA @ Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur for a food tasting session courtesy of Sushi Train Malaysia and Nuffnang. We had a special course menu with authentic Japanese food including extremely fresh seasonal sashimi, Akita Wagyu Steak, seasonal sushi and many more. 

HANAYA 華家 is the first Japanese Dining Restaurant that open in KL Hotel and I can assure you they serve high quality sashimi in this place. Most importantly is that HANAYA is a Pork-Free restaurant and this could be your new meeting place with client while being able to enjoy great food.

Now please scroll down and enjoy a series of food photos and also interior photos of HANAYA restaurant too.

13 April 2015

Cute Animal Photos of Pet Fiesta Expo Malaysia 2015 @ Setia City Convention Centre

Pet Fiesta Expo Malaysia 2015 @ Setia City Convention Centre

Pet Fiesta Expo Malaysia 2015 @ Setia City Convention Centre

Last weekend I went to the Pet Fiesta Expo Malaysia 2015 @ Setia City Convention Centre and spotted a lot cute animals at one same place. Not only you can find pretty cats and active dogs, but you can also check out reptiles and exotic animals like sugar gliders, racoons, marmosets, skunks, spiders, iguanas, chameleons, geckos and even worms at this Pet Fiesta.

We were here last year during a weekday evening and they were already closing when we reach there. This year I am glad that they had this Pet Fiesta from 10-12 April which allow us pet lovers to drop by at more convenient time. I saw more cute animals too =D

There was a Pet Club Gathering for Chow Chow, Corgi, and Curly Poodles. How I wish there were rabbit club gathering too as we brought our bunny to the pet fiesta as well.

Below are some photos taken during my visit. Check them out!

12 April 2015

Astro与TVB跨地域制作《星级健康3之星梦成真》 - Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪赴马当救火英雄 体验消防员精神

袁伟豪去大马的消防学院体验,与他的消防导师 Soon We Kiang 见面 《星级健康3之星梦成真》
袁伟豪去大马的消防学院体验,与他的消防导师 Soon We Kiang 见面

由Astro与TVB“联手炮制”的健康资讯节目《星级健康3之星梦成真》续“厨娘”陈敏之后,Benjamin Yuen 袁伟豪于日前来马短暂体验消防员的工作,实现“救火英雄”的儿时梦想。


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