Grand Margherita Hotel's & RiverSide Majestic Hotel's Makeover

On a good morning 30th July, Grand Margherita Hotel and Riverside Majestic Hotel celebrate their makeover in Prince Hotel, KL. I was honored to be one of the blogger attending this event =D Thanks Anna for the invitation~!

Grand Margherita Hotel's renovation project
started on 10th August 2009 and was completed in phases beginning with the main lobby and reception, Orchid Garden Coffee House, Business Centre and Rajang Lobby Lounge in December 2009, Sadong Room in February 2010 and later in June 2010, all the rooms at Serapi Wing.

YB Datuk Haji Talib Zulpilip is one of the friendliest people I ever know. "We are the second friendliest people in Malaysia, and nobody claim they be the first", he said this is how Sarawakian will be when you visit there.

Rooms in Grand Margherita Hotel *I like the green room*

At the most recent, the renovation four floors of rooms at the Serapi Wing has been completed. All rooms now exude simplicity and a refreshing ambience. Cove lightings highlight the textures and details while the olive green wall adds yet another soft touch to the overall outlook of the room. Full length glas door opens up to the wardrobe while ergonomic chairs allow all their guests continuous comfort. For the bathroom, modern sanitary ware is used for the optimum hygiene and comfort level.

Here are some room preview for Riverside Majestic Hotel

The Riverside Majestic's new lobby now exudes sleek, modern yet local touch. The wonderful blend of local materials and the imprint of local native designs coupled with transparent alabaster are distinctively present in the lobby. Seating seats are comfortable, versatile and adds to the vibrancy of the lobby.

Here is a little small launch of their new promo video about Grand Margherita Hotel'& RiverSide Majestic Hotel.

Like the nature environment that Sarawak is having now~!

We were treated with nice lunch in Prince Hotel and I did like the food =D

Most of the food are finely made and taste really nice

Even these Oven Fresh Scones can be mixed with many types of jam and cream =D

Christ, Anna, Eileen Chong and me

I like how they create the Sarawak ambience even we are in KL. This is one of the music that I like.

You can listen to small part of the Sarawak Music through my video here.

The guitar like music instrument that create different kind of music

All the VIPs of Grand Margherita Hotel & RiverSide Majestic Hotel are friendly enough to let me have a group photo with them. I like friendly people~! Now I wish I can travel to Sarawak Kuching to get one step closer with the nature yet living in a nice and comfort hotel. Anyone wanna organize a big trip to there? =D

If you are planing to visit Sarawak in anytime, please do try out their ease booking system as they just recently launched their mobile booking websites at for Grand Margherita Hotel and for Riverside Majestic Hotel. That way, room reservations can be done while on the go and within minutes so there's no more hassles of having to go through tedious phone calls or filing up lengthy forms. With the new look, new ambience and all new quality of service, both hotels would remain the preferred choice and continue to make a mark in the hospitality market in Sarawak.

Last but not least, thanks Patrick and other nice people from Grand Margherita and Riverside Majestic for the Tiger beer treat ;p


  1. should "ajak" me too lah bro..ahaks..i can become your translator...long live Sarawak..hehe

  2. [JAI]
    Haha I hope I have the power to invite other blogger too la =D
    Now I know u r one of the friendly person from Sarawak~

  3. should "ajak" me too lah bro..ahaks..i can become your translator...long live Sarawak..hehe


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