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New Nuffnang Cheque Came In! Thank you Nuffnang!

Yay! Thanks to Nuffnang I got extra money through blogging again! This time the cheque amount is RM?50.31. Can you guess what is the digit being censored? ;p

One of the reason I like about Nuffnang is because they organize contest with good prizes and I recently just won a BlackBerry 9700 from them (DiGi and Nuffnang). Here is my winning post~! "DiGi SmartPlan Break Free Party | Ecoba PJ Trade Centre"

My teammate Yiwern also won a Blackberry too~

DiGi SmartPlan Break Free Party | Ecoba PJ Trade Centre
*I wanna thanks Chicanos Burritos family members too, without you guys we can't rock ;p*

Was in Nuffnang Office few days ago to collect the Blackberry and can see almost all nuffies are busy with their PC until maybe skipped their lunch. Luckily I got bring something for them from Penang! =D

Yay, thanks XinXian for running here and there help us collect prizes~
"Tao Sa Pia" and "Ma Ti Su" for all nuffies to share.

Met JoshuaLaw and 2 other bloggers(VkVun) who come to collect prizes too~

Mama Goon(Jestina) can't wait to eat looks like one of the adorable animal besides Lady Jaja

She could become like one of these little cute mice especially when she is eating something. Wahaha!

As an appreciation of my readers support, I would like to organize a little giveaway for you guys. Now my blog count is at 62346. I would like to reward readers who manage to be the 66688th reader that captured the picture of blog counter and email to me @ tianchad86[at]gmail[dot]com to win RM10 Reload of any Telco.

PS: The blog counter is at the bottom right of my blog =)

Since only one reward is not enough, I would like to reward the 73588th reader and 78888th reader with RM10 of any telco too!

Thanks again to Nuffnang for the extra money and all loyal readers who keep supporting and read my blog! Appreciate~!

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