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PCK the Movie Fans Gathering | Ritz Carlton Hotel

Just back from PCK The Movie Fans Gathering session and thought of sharing it tonight. Thanks Nippon Paint & Nuffnang for the passes so I can get one step closer with the celebrity cast =)

Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh), Rosie (Irene Ang), and Lim Lau Pek (Henry Thia) were there in person to meet all their fans. I can see their fans are really supporting =)

PCK The Movie Fans Gathering @ Ritz Carlton Hotel, KL

Old and young fans for Phua Chu Kang TV series and movie!

Lots of blogger friends here =D

We were served with Ho Yan Hor can drinks

Royce from MyFM and Serena C from MixFM were there as the MC

Nippon Paint's mascot was there to let you have picture with. I wonder why don't have eye ball one =S

I am sure the mascot is laughing happily inside the coat. Picture with lenglui wor ;p


Henry Thia is here with "I'm full/吃饱了" pose

The PCK Couple Phua Chu Kang and Rosie came in together

First of all wanna compliment Rosie - Irene Ang looks really young and sweet with the straight hair and dress. I guess the curly hair in PCK affect how old a girl looks like.

As for Phua Chu Kang - Gurmit Singh, can't deny that he does some fashion sense. Look trendy and cool. Do you know Gurmit can sing very well too?

Henry was saying that Gurmit doesn't feel well and caught Dengue Fever because his "thing" was stung...Haha
*Gurmit looks really serious*

There was this little girl dressed up as PCK and came up on stage. Gurmit and Irene was checking if that is her real hair ;p

The little PCK is kinda potential in acting like PCK

Let see how well the small PCK imitate the real PCK =) Video credits to RunWitMe

See the yellow boot? With girly stickers on it?

Gurmit was good enough to sign on the boot for her =)
*Smelly/not smelly?*

There was a scene where Henry was trying to take off his trouser. Obviously it was just a joke la =) I like Henry who is dare in doing these in front of public haha

There was a game going where three person in a group will need to act. The triangle relationship between PCK, Rosie, and Lim Lau Pek was the scene. You must watch this video for a good laugh =D

Group one to act: Really cool where the kid manage to make Rosie (The uncle) not talking at all lol

Group 2 act: SimonSeow, Jason Ong (Mynjayz) and Michelle Lee were in the act =D
Let see who is the winner kay? Watch the above video~!

I can say this kid is a super actor wannabe.

Here is a group photo of all the game participants with the celebrity casts and Nippon Paint.

Thanks for look at my camera ;p

Gurmit Singh, Irene Ang, Henry Thia are good enough to have big group photo with their fans~!

I was lucky enough to have Rosie(Irene Ang) sit just beside me, which explained my stunt looks *O.O*

There were too many cameras and I wonder which one to look for, hope the official photographer got a good one and share on their FB Page =)

A poster signing thingy was going on after the group photo =D

Was wishing them all the best for the movie =)

I was trying to camwhore with Wern + all three PCK The Movie cast. Thanks Irene Ang for looking at my cam, at least I got your attention~ Haha

I guess this kid was the grand prize winner of PCK Look-A-like contest for PCK The Movie =)

Wonder what is the stories of PCK The movie? Watch the trailer below:

PCK The Movie Singapore Version

More than a decade after his yellows boots first kicked up big laughs on TV, Singapore's favourite contractor has finally made the big leap to the silver screen.

Now based in Kuala Lumpur, Phua Chu Kang and wife Rosie get a visit from Kang's beloved Ah Ma.

But even before she unpacks her luggage, Ah Ma disappears.

What happened to her? Did she run away? Why? Or was she kidnapped?

Kang's desperate search for Ah Ma leads him in an old folks home and its smarmy CEO, Lim Lau Pek, who offers Kang a lucrative contracting job. But first, he has to beat his arch nemesis, Frankie Foo, who is after the same job.

Things take a surprising turn at the old folks home when Lim takes an amorous interest in Rosie, then Kang is accused of killing one of the elderly residents.

Is Frankie behind this? What is Lim Lau Pek really up to?

Kang finds out a secret about his distant past that Ah Ma has kept from him all these year, and he meets a relative he thought was long dead.

Traumatised, Kang has to choose between business and family amid unexpected alliances.

Will our hero do the right thing?

Manage to get a Movie Poster with their signatures just now. Is there any fans out there who can't attend this fans gathering and want it? Leave a comment and I'll see what I can do =)

Do support PCK The Movie by watch it in the cinema starting 26th Aug 2010 =)

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