DA MOUTH 大嘴巴 & PUMA Music Fashion | Opera

PUMA's "Create your Style" event where a super quick (really) fashion show featuring the latest Spring/Summer 2010 Collection was unveiled alongside PUMA's newest brand ambassador, Taiwanese music sensation, DA MOUTH.

Went to this event long long time ago in February 2010. Where I just have my DSLR recently and haven't get use to the night mode shooting yet.

As a result, this is the only photo I manage to snap which include all the DA MOUTH members
[DJ Chung Hua 宗華, MC 40 薛仕凌 Simon, 張懷秋 Harry, 千田 愛紗 Senda Aisa]

First time step in The Opera, Sunway Pyramid- a few storeys tall building which looks colourful from the outside. Kinda creepy with the mask =X

The last song they perform before the event end - 喇舌

The sound system looks like not good enough or they sing too soft/not singing. Doesn't sounds nice at all =S And they are 1 hour late, although Malaysia time is always late, artist shouldn't be too late also la.

PUMA fashion show was presented in a swift way where the models quickly-pose-and-"run". [Maybe they just want to suit PUMA's concept - quick and swift with a jump] I always use without flash to capture the picture as I like ambient like more than direct flash (Don't have a flash gun ar) . Therefore, I guess the most satisfied modeling photo would be as below:

John Oh in the picture

Since this event happened nearly half year ago, let see if I remember what happened ya.

I was so active in attending events (now also) and able to get Sarita(YengYeng) to tag along.

The worker in PUMA, Sunway Pyramid is generous enough to give us 4 passes instead of 2. So we try to invite 2 more friends to come.

Arrived at the place, you get a chance to pose with the frame like what DA MOUTH did in the PUMA Advertisement. She is a potential model la, anyone hiring? =)

I failed in doing a great pose

Met some friends who come for the party too

Was my first time go Opera Sunway

We have waited for more than an hour before the event able to start. It is always not a good image especially for the artist who come late. Not every place have seats too. We end up standing the whole night. Luckily got friend to hang out with to "burn" the time.

DJ Chung Hua 宗華 & MC 40 薛仕凌(40) Simon

In coincident/lucks that I have, me and Serge managed to get Media/VIP passes that enable me to go upstair have some special privilege. It also help me to get some "paparazzi" photos of Da Mouth too.

張懷秋 Harry

薛仕凌 MC 40 @ Simon

Da Mouth started to perform - Aisa was singing

Slow synchronize mode

My wrong composition

千田 愛紗 Senda Aisa & 薛仕凌(40) Simon

Would look better if my shutter is fast enough =)

This event is a combination of PUMA Fashion show and Da Mouth's performance. So you will see the mixtures of photo.

愛紗 has nice looking teeth =D

Peter Davis

The doll like model

Too bad over exposed =S

宗華 looks super cool

Happy smile

Posing =)



I always meet Rachel Tan in some of the event. She always mention that I didn't upload the photo and etc. Lol now I have uploaded it only after half a year~! Paiseh la.

Manage to take photo with the male model John Oh but not the female model =)

Peter Davis - Model and talented artist in "SellOut"

"Be a blogger, a brand new media =D"
Thanks PUMA again for the Media pass!

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"Ya ya hoo~!"


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