Featured Bloggers: Joanne Tee, Suzanne, KokSenWai, M-Knight

All four featured bloggers are winners of my previous mini contest of guessing where is TianChad? Yeap I am featuring all 4 bloggers together after Dylan Phuah because I don't think I have too much time on review one by one. It is better to get you guys featured asap before I forget about it =S

1. Joanne Tee

"Hello. I'm a super k-pop fan. I love Super Junior. But, I have a life too besides going all "super junior" around. I'm Joanne and this is my blog. Don't like it? Leave, immediately. Love it? Yes I love you too. Sungmin is my bias. And my husband. Hate him? GO DIE! Like him? GET LOST. So, yeah you get it."

Her "About me" explained all.

2. Suzanne

Suz-Anne, a female blogger that update at least once a week recently. Blogging about random stuff at school and her life.

3. KokSenWai
About him: "I am faster than a speeding pullet, stronger than a laxative, and is able to leap tall seedlings in a single bound!

KokSenWai, a kinda straight forward blogger. He even reply thses common question on his CBOX.

Question: "Hi, just passing through/dropping by."

Answer: "I didn't know my blog was built by a highway. Next time, try doing it without feeling the need to announce yourself like a jackass, hokay?"

Question: "Wanna exchange links?"

Answer: "Wanna exchange body fluids?"

Question: "Can I link you?".....

Answer: "On your blog, yes. To an international conspiracy involving religious terrorism, no."

4. M-Knight

M-Knight for me is a photo blogger that blogged about where he traveled and have fun at the place. He remain anonymous as I can't see his picture in first few post *correct me if I'm wrong*

After looking through their blog, I have some advice for all bloggers especially the new one. First and for all, choose a blog url that is easy to be remember. For example, it is easier to remember "KokSenWai" compared to "k0ks3nw4i". It is not good to make your blog url hard to typed out. Try to avoid using this two symbol too "-", "_" in your blog url.

Second, it is important to have an "About Me" page so that first time visitor can know you better in a short time. Readers would like to know what kind of topic that you like to write about and choose to follow or not.

Third, write more relevant blog posts so that I can know what niche your blog is belong to. This helps you gain more visitors too.

Fourth, write something happy, funny to read instead of grumpy emo post all the time. Happiness is infectious!

Fifth, continue blogging, but not blog because of money. Don't do the click fraud on your own blog ads as your account will be banned when they found out.

Thanks again to all 4 of you that had participate in "Where is TianChad" contest. I hope you are now driven to update more often. =)


  1. Dear TianChad,
    I'm ur biggest fan!
    Any guidance on how i can improve my blog?


  2. [Nicole]
    Wah suddenly become my fans pulak ;p
    Will tell you my opinion instead of guidance~

  3. Dear TianChad,
    I'm ur biggest fan!
    Any guidance on how i can improve my blog?



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