Repo Men (2010) Movie Review

Repo Men (2010)


Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forest Whitaker) are best friends and The Union's most dangerous repossession men, reclaiming top-dollar organs when recipients fall behind on their payments. But after an on-the-job accident forces Remy to be outfitted with a top-of-the-line heart replacement, he finds himself in debt and on the run. Now, the hunter becomes the hunted as Jake will stop at nothing to track him down to finish the job.

Remy and Jake was best friend and colleague in doing the job, but...

Repo Men
, a century where people will able to rent organ (anything you can think of) with bloody expensive price and taxes just to survive. I personally feel that it would happen if people nowadays doesn't take care of their health starting from today. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke +++

In that movie you can actually get any organ that you want with a risk of the organ taken back when you are not able to pay the debt.

Remy and Jake was good partner in hunting all the people who run away from debt and just kill them to take back the organ for resell. Between family and job, Remy decided to go for family but it was somehow "stopped" by Jake, his best friend.

Remy was forced to install a repo heart and he couldn't do his job well again because it feels like removing something within himself. Remy is now a repo men who is also under debt too. The movie said a murderer killed his first victim in 6 years, second in 1 years, and third in just few days. It happen on the other way round too, you just can't kill somebody that is same with you right?

This movie is full with blood scenes which somehow looks gross and dramatic especially when Remy was trying to destroy the Repo system. It has a reason for the movie to look so dramatic, you just have to watch it yourself till the end.

Rating for this movie 6.5/10 as I believe certain scenes have been censored although it has been labeled 18PL. And yeah, the movie show us that sometimes your best friend is not your best friend at all.

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