My New Naked Mother + Board

One lightning evening without rain, I thought my PC would be safe from the lightening strike as it wasn't that strong. Unfortunately, my PC was the very lucky one after I back from Genting Highland Casino. No jackpot from the casino but striked on my computer...

I was very worried about my harddisk as all the photo that some of them haven't back-up is inside it. Luckily the lightning is kind enough to burn my motherboard and the modem router instead of my priceless harddisk! Thank god ! =D

The burnt motherboard. It still look very new, just that not sure which wire shocked.

Downgraded my PC with ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS motherboard from Inforgine Sdn Bhd (IOI Mall 2nd Floor) for RM180.00 including the troubleshooting charges. Mr. Ong is the guy who save my PC, it took only 1 hour for him to finish repair my PC. I don't know if I was overcharged for this new motherboard but who cares when you are more worried about the harddisk?

Bought a new modem router at RM68 because I am highly depending on the internet. So total spend in one day = RM 248++

Now I need to earn more money than previous month. Any blogging job you are offering? =)

Thanks Inforgine Sdn Bhd for repairing my PC with little discount too. If you guys want to buy PC stuff try visit his shop in IOI Mall ya.

Why would I say my picture in harddisk is priceless? One of the reason is the picture below:

A magnificent scene you can only see in Phuket + if you are lucky enough. Saw them while we are on a snorkeling trip.

*star star* is labelled so that my blog is not 18PL/18SX la.

Do stay tune on my Phuket Trip's blog post~! Oh ya, do explore more on my blog, read the old blog post as I am sure something will catch your attention.


Biopolymath said…
Sometimes my broadband equipments do get struck and damaged in a lightning storm, replacing them is a pain. TianChad be vigilant next time!
Haha thanks for the advice, you too!

hahaha! How I wonder what you are

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