Glee FlashMob Malaysia | MidValley Garden

Before writing stories about Malaysia Glee Flashmob today, I would like to share experience during the second dance rehearsal at school.( I have share my first time rehearsal here)

These are the bigger crowd compared to the first time rehearsal. Why are we in school but not Mid Valley Garden Ballroom? I am not sure, I guess it involve with money =S

However, kinda impressed with what RA(Random Alphabets) able to do as they are able to get us all practice in S.M.K. Bukit Bintang Secondary School. Thank you to the school headmaster!

It was a rainy day, super humid which cause all of us sweat like nobody else. Some more so pack.

Chris and friend set up the projector on first floor. Yeap we "conquer" the upstairs too.

Then Zain typing out some I-Know-How-You-Feel-Message

And trying to arrange transport for those who go back late. This is a good move.

It is definitely not a good idea to rehearse at a place that is so humid without air-con, but looking at the crowd practising so hard for the flashmob and enjoying the dance. Who cares? It is better than no place to gather all people together right? =)

Today (8th May 2010) we all the flashmob-bers gathering at Garden, KL for the surprise. There are really too many people. So were separated into several groups.

Doing some shout out for upcoming Glee Show first on StarWorld on Astro Channel 711 (Every Wed 9PM)

Given a brief on what we are going to do. Found that Zain is natural poser for camera.

In my opinion, we gathered at the so called "secret location" too early. Everyone was like surrounding the balcony and watching what is going to be happen. It is not a secret anymore.

There is even aunty come and ask , "What is happening? What are you guys looking? Why people with camera snapping here and there? There are only small kids downstair what. Don't tell me you are stalking them. Nothing so interesting right? Boring @ 无聊" I didn't even need to answer her cos she left after finish her words =S

3 of the Glee Flashmob-ber
*Have you saw the crowds surrounding the place? It is just too obvious =)*

Here is our first flashmob video today. Thanks for the HD Version!

As this one I consider it as the real successful flashmob as we don't even know will have the second time!! =D Somemore we all dance at the ground floor and made a big circle. Nice one!

After the flashmob Zain revealed that he has back pain because he get pregnant.
*This is called tell-a-story-from-the-photo* ;p

Zain was actually interviewed about this flashmob

Huge crowd posing for camera after the event.

All thanks to RA team(above), you guys did a great job in organizing flashmob and event like this. Looking forward for more!!

Seriously, it was fun to gather together with new faces and we all have the same purpose doing the same thing! =D


  1. there any crowd join the flshmob.....

  2. [sillyloo]
    Only crowd who went to the rehearsal before will join us =) If not how they know how to dance? ;p

  3. hmmm,,..who even shot the first video (the HD one) is totally terrible.. please DO NOT SWING YR CAMERA... YOU HAD MADE A BIG MISTAKE, TREAT YOUR VIDEO CAM LIKE NORMAL CAMERA...


  4. [Beautiful Tonight]
    I guess he/she is not the official photographer/Videographer. Could it be recorded by DSLR?

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by =D


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