Having a KitKat

Have you seen a KitKat vending machine before? Yes? No? The above picture is one of the vending machine I saw after Glee FlashMob in MidValley. But this one is different.

It is a human-controlled-vending-machine.

Basically we just need to pay as least as RM0.20 to get a small packet of KitKat chocolate bar. Different kind of marketing strategies they are using la. Do visit MidValley for their chocolate bar and see who is working like a machine!

I believe some people are super workaholic and don't care about the stress level that they are having now. Which ends up hair-loss, obesity, bad temper, or even had severe sickness. So to prevent this. Have a break, have a KitKat. *Am I promoting free for KitKat?*

PS: Hope the girl who working in that vending machine get high pay =)

Besides sharing about picture stated above, I would like to say I am having a KitKat (Break) for a trip. Yeap, flying to Phuket in coming early morning to become a more sun-shine boy after a tan. *just kidding*

Somemore to full fill my every time quote, "Look at the brightside!(with a sun-glasses of course)" *Wahaha*

Since I was too busy with certain stuff so there are no draft/delayed post prepared along the four days until Saturday! But I might post up some photo if I manage to find internet connection + PC with me kay?

If you are missing my blog/me just look at the picture below la! *evil narcissist grin*

Remember to look at the brightsite (mysite) although it could be a blue Monday!!

Till then, plan your break time! Woot this would be my first time flying on the plan!! Wish me luck!!


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