Rene Liu 劉若英 Together [ 繼續-給十五歲的自己 ]

Rene Liu (劉若英) is a kinda cool singer and actor. I am going to share a new song by Rene which adapt from Angela Aki's "Letter". This time Rene's latest album[Together Rene] has a song with the same melody too. Let's here the song by Angela Aki first.

"Letter" - Angela Aki

And here is one of Rene's new song:

【繼續 給15歲的自己】 詞。施人誠 / 曲。Angela Aki

劉若英一 首誠實唱給自己聽的歌
施人誠中文歌詞細修六版本 掙扎至錄音室最後一刻 一次又一次提煉生命最深刻的體會
鋼琴與弦樂的互動 十五歲的自己與現在的自己對話
奶茶四次進錄音室 一唱再唱 好還要更好之誠懇抒情主打

According to Rene, this song was written specially for herself, the 15 years old her. The lyrics has been edited for at least 6 version. She even struggle while recording this song because she always want to make it sounds better and gets better. Impressed with Rene's music spirit =)

Picture from her album Rene (劉若英) - 在一起

Rene cute or not? haha

The sentence that I like the most in the lyric is this:「這些年我還算可以,至少都對得起自己」. It means, "Recent years I still feel okay, atleast it worth for all I did"

My personal opinion about this song is that Rene's believing spirit is not as strong as Angela's. It is softer compared to Angela's version. But it is definitely a good song to share with.

Do I still remember what and how was I doing during 15?
All I could remember is I was a super obedient kid who was a prefect too and know nothing much about different kind of people. The time where I am always having fun with my friend in school without worried about what is coming in the future. Oh ya, I still remember a friend of mine show me a member card labeled "PlayBoy", I really don't know anything about it but my friend can't believed how pure I was. Kinda naive, I can said so.

However, after growing up bit by bit and gain some influence from friends around. I can't say I am still naive like when I was 15. Now I understand the outside world could be so different when you walk out from the safety zone. Very challenging in every bit for me.

In conclusion, I still think it is worth for what I've done these year. At least I don't feel guilty writing at this blog about how naive I was right? *Haha*

When you feel you are the unluckiest one, it could because of what you think. By just twisting your mind, everything happen unluckily would turn out to be lucky. Trust me, your thinking affect every action that you are going to take and that will give you THAT results.

Look at the brightside, throw away your pessimism. I am sure your life will get better in every bits.


  1. i went to her 預購慶功宴@華山 taipei, she's GREAT!!!
    yet i've got her album =)

  2. I like the song very much. Thanks for sharing ya.


  3. [wong]
    You do? That's so nice!

    [Kevin Cheng]
    You are welcome =)


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