Calvin Hee @ 黄威尔《寂寞•城市》音樂愛情短片

Calvin Hee, the new fast growing male model from Malaysia who is getting more popular since his participation in Malaysia's Hottest Hunk Competition and Men's Uno Model Search Malaysia. I believe all the ladies is drooling on him after watch his act in Will's new music album 黄威尔《寂寞•城市》.

Calvin Hee

Calvin Hee posing for Lab Series in Malaysia first Men's Uno Model Search

How he answer the question about uniqueness of Malaysia

Not to mention he is one of the winner of Men's Uno Model Search 2009. Got the 2nd place with the Modernest award. To read more about what is happening during Men's Uno Model Search Malaysia 2009 click on the link =)

Today I would like to share Will(黄威尔)'s new music album - Alive "爾來福" and Calvin's act in the music video《寂寞•城市》:

寂寞城市,借用黄威尔专辑当中的3首歌曲,穿插了3种城市人的对感情生活的态度。3首歌当中,一定会找到你的故事,不管是 爱与不爱,男人女人,还是单身恋人,请珍惜这辈子正在爱或曾经最深爱的那个他。

海螺音乐为了让寂寞城市更有画面感,拍摄了以寂 寞城市为主轴的短片,当中的剧情,会和你身旁正在上演着的感情故事不谋而合。 担任这一次短片的3位男女主角更是马来西亚正在上位的模特儿和演艺界的新鲜人。他们也因为黄威尔,而促成了这一次的合作。

黄威尔的《爱与不爱》MV,原本定于本月8日,全马首播,可是遭到临时喊卡禁播的命运,而闹得满城风雨。电视台更临 时抽起,等待画面換过后才播出新版本。黄威尔说:“其实我也不知道会遭到禁播,因MV里男女主角激情床戏的尺度大胆。”黄威尔直说这就是真实,因为真实都 是残酷。

对于禁播一事,黄威尔却没有因此事而感到难过,更开心的是网络版本的MV点击率因此达到1万2千多次。黄威尔还说: “整首歌曲主要是表达城市人对爱情的热诚和态度,而且爱情三部曲都是经过公司讨论才决定这么做。”

在欣赏完音乐短片之后,黄威尔直说男主角的胸肌非常的大,但这并没有让黄威尔感到自悲,“男主角应该有38吋的胸肌,非常 的大。”主持人问:“有大吗?”黄威尔的答案让人喷饭,“有大,而且还大过我的头。”主持人更询问黄威尔是否要把胸肌炼成38吋后,才愿意接拍下一部的音 乐短片时,黄威尔却大喊到:“什么啦,我还有下半身。”这个答案,让在座的每一位都捧腹大笑。

~也 许我们不寂寞,寂寞的是这座城市 ~

黄威尔《寂寞•城市》音樂愛情短片 (上) :

黄威尔《寂寞•城市》音樂愛情 短片 (下) :

Here is the music 黃威爾《愛與 不愛》:

《寂寞•城市》音乐爱情短片的众演员,捧场出席这一场短片首映会。黄威尔“ALIVE拉阔音乐会”将会在6月8日,晚上8 时,在Delucca Club举行。想知道更多有关详情,可浏览

So what do you think about Calvin Hee and music in the video? In Malaysia I guess this MV will always labeled as 18 SX. Congratz Calvin Hee for his successful career in both modeling and acting. You can see more modeling photo of him in recent Men's Uno Malaysia Magazine. As for Will Ng, I am impressed with his full effort on writing, singing in his new album, all the best for his music concert on 8th of June.

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