R16 Malaysia Audition B-boy ChampionShip

What is R16?

'R' stands for Respect. R16 and Urban Arts Festivals was created in 2007 by the Korea Tourism Organization and the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to support grassroots youth culture such as Hip Hop and BBoy.

Since 2007, the four-day event has attracted more than 300 artists, musicians, dancers and promoters from all over the world to South Korea. Through R16, these grassroots street culture has become a mainstream trend and has attracted many youths to take up Hip Hop and BBoying as a healthy and energetic sports and hobby. This event is created and designed by celebrated professionals in the design community.

Last Saturday (24th April), R16 has the Malaysia Audition for B-Boy Championship organized at TimeSquare. The participating dance group are Borneo Soulbreakerz, Project Elements, Top Ganz, Free Circle, Soul High Female, The Borneo Crew, Fresh Beat Rockers, Vetto Donso, Force 136, Famous Crew, Griller Battle, Wakaka Fever and High Soul Junior.

Below are showcase performance from some of the group:
Soul High Female - The only female participant group

The Borneo Crew

Famous Crew - The easiest group name to remember

While you dance, facial expression is important too

Wakaka Fever - New concept dance with little drama

This is what I mean, along with music Asmaradana

Many of them have the same color shirt for consistency

R16 Malaysia audition was judged by famous BBoy Gonza (99 Flava Thailand), BBoy Choco (Formosa / Mighty Zulu Kingz Taiwan) and BBoy Profo Von (Floor Gangz USA)

This guy is actually carried out from the luggage

Besides the audition floor, LG booth was set up for people to get experience with LG New Technologies.

LG TV is now so thin that it can be place anywhere without taking much space

Had a drink before the next team battling session

After each group showcase, 8 best team was chosen to battle with each other
Famous Crew changed their shirt and start battling

Some of the team include humor elements in their dance that make the judges smile

All their dance move will depends on what music DJ Dust(Korea) play at one time. This is really challenging for all. His music is great after all.

What do they do while the other team is performing

When their team member did a great move, this is how they show their support =)

How bout a head spin without a safety cap?

Two teams dueling, but only one get passed

Dennis from Elecoldxhot was there to support the event.

Dennis is a good dancer + poser too

Both of them won the ticket to R16 Southeast Asia Final.

BBoy Profo Von (Floor Gangz USA) and BBoy Gonza (99 Flava Thailand)

I will definitely not able to do like him!!

Atama - A unique Kadazandusun hip-hop artiste who performed during the break time. He has his own style in performing the song

Team after team, here come the 4 teams battle:

Wakaka Fever did an awesome stunt during this moment

Another stunt from Wakaka Fever Crew

They also funny at certain time

Their opponent team Giller Battle did the single hand (long) stand

The battle was as long as 15 minutes, too bad I didn't record it down...The moment when result are announced!

Congratz to Giller Battle

And I think I found someone (with yellow cap+pant) mimic into their team to get extra exposure. *This is a bad move especially when he is not a winner*

and Wakaka Fever who will represent Malaysia team to compete in the regional final.

A group photo of Mr. Kim Kee Hun & Ms. Joanne Foo from LG along with the emcee and judges.

Had a photo together with B-Boy Choco
*Woops wrong hand pose, looks like "call me"*

And of course Ms Seow who invite me to this event. Thank you! I am looking forward for the final!

The R16 Southeast Asia Finals will be held on May 15 at the KL Live Centre (7pm-11pm) along Jalan Sultan Ismail. For more information about R16 Southeast Asia Finals visit http://r16seasia.com/.

How you can get the passes? Simply visit LG Malaysia Fanpage and email your details (Name, Email, Phone Number) to lgemlfb@gmail.com.

*Each Individual is entitle 2 tickets. First come first serve basis.

You will receive an e-voucher after that. Please redeem your tickets @ KLCC LG Brand Shop or LG Authorized Agency. Details will be attached accordingly.

For more photo of R16 Championship Malaysia Audition, please visit my Facebook Page here. Always welcome for your comment =)


  1. From the picture no 9, there, have a girl who sanp ur phot...u manage to get her no? ^^

  2. [FeeQ]
    Wah I don't think she is snapping me la =) She is snapping some dancer sitting beside me

  3. hey cool! Thanks for the info! RSVP for this event already, hope I can get it!

  4. [Hilda Milda]
    You can~! Go RSVP the ticket for final now~

    [Baboon Tan]
    You are welcome =) I am sure you can get it!

  5. Ish! I cant go~ will be at my hometown by that time..T.T

  6. [Joshua@law]
    This week don't go back la! THis is fun you know? ;p


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