Camera, Rolling, and Action3!

"Ready....Camera...Action!!" I thought it is so easy to come out with a video like what all the featured bloggers did on Project Alpha Season 2. But I was wrong! It is a lot harder than I thought when I tried it out myself. Believe me! [Maybe you are not experiencing this because you are a nature actor]

So, I was advised by some friends to do an audition video to be featured on Project Alpha 3. At first, I say "okay la, okay la" just to let them feel they have convinced me. But no I didn't do anything until I thought this could be a good chance to really promote my blog -, if I can get featured.

Another reason is that I am kinda hoping to get to travel like Niki and Jojo to London as this is a really very absolutely super fun thing to do! Travel leh, who says no fun?

XiaXue was in London too and she get to meet her fans reader there! =) Why is she popular? Cos she create a lot of noise (which is what she said and quite true).

Where as Mike is kinda quiet along the whole journey. He didn't say much thing until being asked a question. Mike could be a very good listener, which is a perfect match for XiaXue I guess.

Kinda like this episode of PA as the interview of XiaXue was interesting. A lot of *doot* sound during their conversation. ;p

Here is a grooming tips for both guys and girls, if you scared of smelling bad, put on some deodorant spray before you go out as you will feel more confident when getting so near to person you are talking to. At least they don't think you smell like a skunk right?

So, here it is! My first time talking on a video after taking so much rehearsal and blooper video on my PC. Now not only you can see how I looks like on the blog, you can also hear how my voice sounds like. This audition video is to share why I wanna be on Project Alpha Season 3 and I need my readers' support after you watch the video.

TianChad's first time recording a video talking myself, please don't laugh okay? =S

So, what do you feel about my audition? I hope I did not too bad on sharing why I wanna be on next season of Project Alpha.

Last but not least, courtesy of my first time daring myself record a self video and post it up online, please vote for me at project alpha ruumz page. You just need to press the "Like" button" to vote for me =D

You can also be my ruumates at my ruumz profile here after vote for me. Thanks first!!
*woot, who kissed me on my cheek?*

UPDATE: For all kind readers who have already "Like" my video. You are now eligible to get yourself a RM20 Crocs Gift Voucher from me! Please leave a comment below this blog post about what is your Username that you use to like my video. If you haven't, visit Project Alpha's ruumz page and vote for me.

I will select the winner through Random.Org so everyone get the equal chance of winning the prize.

This giveaway contest will close on 7th of May 11.59 PM . So start acting now! =)

PS: The gift voucher is redeemable at Ikano Power Center's and Mid Valley's Crocs departmental store only.


  1. I used ktuck to "Like" your video!

    Hope I get the voucher :D

  2. Voted as clicked "like" for your video d.


    username: arashi

  3. [Jonathan]
    Thanks for being the first and your vote!

    Thanks for the vote! =D
    Haha need to be active ar =S

  4. ooo you masuk juga ke PA3..akak pun masuk jugak...
    best dapat beli kasut croc nanti

  5. WAHH this is bribary! LOL

    anyways my username is seraphsam as usual =D teehee

  6. TianChad, I also voted leh.. haha.. my username is knajmie.. u should smile more, wheee!~~ =DD

  7. [Kak Ina]
    Haha masuk Audition saje. Kena dapat vote dari semua kawan ar

    Haha! I just learn from the pro ;p
    U r on the list now =)

    Haha! Thanks for the vote~!

  8. Haha I like it already. I am ahmike of :D

  9. Hi all! First of all thanks for your participation in this giveaway.

    Since only 5 qualified entry are made in this giveaway. All five of you, (Jonathan,嵐くん, Seraph, Just_Najmie and Hensem AhMike) automatically become the winners of Crocs RM20 Gift Vouchers.

    I have email all of you for mailing details =)

    Thanks again!

  10. 我發現你說的優惠卷的expiry是這個月的15號?



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