Ruumsters @ Restoran AHwa 新青山亚华福建面 + NewHairstyle

Went to Restaurant AHWA 新青山亚华福建面 for Ruumzsters gathering and to try their famous Hokkien Mee. Before that, I spotted a cat resting on the bench of the playground.

Can see where is it?

Now he is staring at me. Do you know cats & dogs usually active at night? It just that they change their habits to live with human.

Restaurant AHWA 新青山亚华福建面 at Jalan 222 beside Shell Petrol Station

Some of the foods that we ordered. The Fried BeeHun tasted really nice. In Malay called "Cukup rasa" @ 够味 in Chinese. Forgot to snap the Hokkien Mee dish. Besides all the fried noodles, you can also order Ikan Bakar, Satay, Popiah, Chicken Wing, Penang Pancake and etc. Hokkien Mee is the main dish and others are to give you more varieties =)

Overall the dishes are nice. Just that a bit salty.


Someone asked how I looks like after the haircut. So here it is to show you. The before me. Redbull hairstylist is coming to lure me.

In progress, she straightening my hair in front as I have "curly base". Cost me RM50 and I hope she telling the truth that the straightened hair will stand very long. Still can't get use to the new hairstyle but I guess I will make it looks better in coming day =D

So here we are the ruumzsters gathered together. Thanks Suresh for organizing this outing. [Hafez(Capten Fiz), Medutsaid, Samuel Lee(sam wikiki), Rachel Koh(kokonut), Suresh(susu), Jack Tam(Chicken Wing), Jennifer(Jen), Amelia Ling]

Then I requested for more relax + funny pose. You guys are great!! =D

So now you saw my new hairstyle, I wonder when it get longer will become "Fei Lun Hai Tou" @ 飞轮海头 or not. I hope not.

Here is a video for narcissist-with-Fei-Lun-Hai-Tou-that-always-camwhore-in-the-toilet.

PS: I dun take photo in toilet but in the changing room one. Wahaha!


  1. Thanks for the nice pix. And it was so good to see you and the gang last night. Hope you have rested well coz u sure look dead tired last nite. have a good weekend. till the next gathering...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. [Jennifer]
    YOu are welcome =) Nice to see you all again! Yeah I was a bit tired yesterday night. Wanna go back earlier to blog about this ar.

    Wah thanks! but now I dun know who you are cos with different nickname~~ ;p

  4. i help u fill in the blank :-

    So here we are the ruumzsters gathered together. Thanks Suresh for organizing this outing. [Hafez (aka kapten freeze), Medutsaid,__Samuel Lee (aka sam wikiki)___, Rachel Koh (aka kokonut), Suresh (aka susu), Jack Tam (aka chicken wing), Jennifer (aka Jen jiejie), Amelia Ling (aka..dunno..)]

    left out Tianchad -- a.k.a Bomchadchad ! ^_^

    Its a great reunion ! lets get the full group next time ! ^_^

    Im kokonut lor.. dunno how to change my nick wor.. tats my gmail account's name. :P~


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