HP Future Is Prize Giving Ceremony @ Alexis Bistro

In April 26th, was invited to attend HP Future Is Prize Giving Ceremony located at Alexis Bistro. I have wrote a blog post for this event [HP Futre is...Fly Up High!] but too bad it was not good enough to help me win a laptop above yet. Yes I need a laptop for me to blog and travel around =D

Once I've arrive almost all of them are busy with their gadget. I think that's part of our futurn - Having another world with the mobile phone

If you know the nuffies well you will know who is playing Pokemon la
(Hints: Always with Magic cards)

First time drop by Alexis Kitchen Bar/ Bistro Wine Bar

Nice Coaster

Almost everywhere were illuminated with these big light bulb. Part of the design.

Next time I would like to check out this sinful cake - Chocolate Berries Meringue
It looks so luxurious

HP Future is everybody busy with their gadget. At least 3 of them are BlackBerry users

Danny Lee, Country GM of Hp was there too!

Kelvin Tan the event goer was there too =D

Our starter - Wild Mushroom Soup with White Truffle Oil
Some people don't like the taste of the soup with Truffle Oil, but I do! The soup would taste even better if it is thicker =)

Main dish - Chicken Escalope with Rocket & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
In my opinion, the chicken is kinda dry and hard to eat. However, the tomato is cute and nice.

Main Dish - Seafood Spaghetti with Roma Tomatoes & Fresh Herbs
Two of us ordered the same dish but one with more soup than the other. Doesn't it suppose to look the same? =) Hope the cook in Alexis can make consistent look and good taste dishes.

It taste normal for me besides the big prawns and seafoods.

Desserts - Peach & Banana Crumble
Personally I like sweet stuff, and this crumble tasted different with the addition of duck's egg yolk. So it tasted sweet and salty. Not bad actually.

The crumble looks as sweet as Nicholas and Jestina. Wooops!

Serge one of the winner of HP Mini

The winner mummy blogger - Juan Or

The sweet girl Vivien Sam

The big winner of HP TouchSmart!! Ops forgot her name =S

See Serge's happy face. Instead of envy I should happy for him =)

RedMummy was there too, she don't allow me to snap because she didn't put on makeup

But she looks nice what =)

Group photo with Nuffies

Michelle first camwhore with DSLR

Jestina's Big Grins

And Nicholas now can always see me snap him. I guess he has a third eye haha

We did had a great dinner at Alexis Kitchen Bar. Thanks to HP and Nuffnang for the generous treat. Appreciate for the invite too!!

K la, I am as sleepy as the picture above now. Hope I can get a new laptop soon!
*Law of Attraction*

Update: My face looks really like this emoticon, hahaha!


  1. is this the one at bangsar village? the coffee is nice.

  2. the last photo is like this
    http://www.msn-smiley.net/upload/images/20/1178088012565.gif =p

  3. [wen ni]
    Nope, this one is in Garden Mid Valley =)

    Hahaha! Exactly the same wei! Just that I dun have long ear =)

  4. haha cute lei...
    i can help you make your ears longer mwahahaha

  5. Simply looking at the new, futuristic gadgets make me feel high and fresh but money is the limiting factor!

    If I were one of the winner, I'd be very excited to have a new thing but the excitement die down once the item settle into my routine.

  6. [Sumandak]
    Thank you =D

    haha go get an ipad to make you high, then mail it to me so your excitement wont die down. Then you can buy another iPad to get high again~!


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