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Okay, straight to the point, I was there at Glee FlashMob rehearsal in Garden Ballroom just now. Early birds are getting more and more after I arrived. Participated in both session but left earlier a bit because wanna blog about this =)

First, to break the ice, you gotta get yourself a color name tag. They actually assign us into different groups by refer to the colour. So if you wanna stay with your friends and dance along. Choose the same color yo! But for it to be more challenging and get to know more friends, choose the different colour! I dare you! ;p

Had a little briefing by Zaid from RandamAlphabets. Christ, Andy, Angelie, Khalil were there.

We are now all the Early Glee-Birds dancing around! *sounds wrong*

Here's a short video during the rehearsal before we all practice the same dance move =)

GleeFlashMob Rehearsal @ Garden | RandomAlphabets

Thanks guys for preparing drinking water for all of us.

I ordered a set of Thai Fried Rice at Garden's Food Court after 2-3 hours of dance. Kinda tiring but fun =)

So, how do I feel with the rehearsal? I don't really know how to dance. I went there without any pre-practice before and just watch the video once. But with all the helps and guides from the RA Crews there, i was able to catch up the dance move in a short time. *But still practice makes perfect, gotta practice more on some particular move*

If you ask me was it fun? Yes of course! You dance you sweat you get happy + slim summore! Isn't it a great deal? =D

As tomorrow's rehearsal will have lots more people, here's a tips for you guys, bring a towel plus extra clothes (if you sweat easily) as this would make you feel & smell better.

When there is light, there is also shadow

So why don't you join us and have fun together? Let's visit

RandomAlphabets (RA) is also on Facebook, Twitter & also do look out for the Twitter hashtag #GleeKL.


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