R16 SEA Final 2010 | KL Live

The best B-boy dancers in the region took to the stage at the final showdown of the R16 Southeast Asia Finals 2010 in Kuala Lumpur (15 May 2010), held at the KL Life Centre on Jalan Sultan Ismail. The competition attracted thousands of b-boy culture fans as the best teams from South East Asia converged in the capital for the regional finals.

Big Toe (Vietnam)

The finals featured a total of 8 teams from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia who entertained the capacity crowd with their uniquely choreographed moves. Hosts Malaysia were represented by two teams - Giller Battle and Wakaka Fever, who beat thirteen other teams at the Malaysian auditions last month, where over a hundred B-boys and B-girls battled it out in a five hour long competition.

In the end, Big Toe from Vietnam edged out the others to emerge winners, and will go on to participate at the global level competition, the R16 Korea World B-boy Masters Championship, which will be held in south Korea later in the year.

Sponsored by LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliiances and mobile communications, the R16 Southeast Asia Finals is organised by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), as part of the R16 Korea World B-boy Masters Championship, which it jointly created with the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sorts, and Tourism in support of grassroots youth culture. Since its introduction in 2007, the global competition has attracted participation from more than 300 artists, musicians and dancers.

Now you saw just part of the crowd, let's see what happened that night

MC Jazz Ivy (Zulu Nation)
Superman Ivy, who was born and raised in New York, the Mecca of Hip-hop, fell into the rhythm and melody of the traditional African music since childhood and being attracted to such music, he actively participated in anything that he could feel the culture of African-American. He was also interested in literature, so he loved to express his thought in writing. He got closer to emcee without knowing as he showed his dream and goal for the future to the people around him in his poetries.

Jazz Ivy is good at both music and MC

DJ Dust (Armory Records World Wide)
DJ Dust aka Bboy Dust formally know as one of the Native Old School Bboy In Korea. Inspired by many DJs from all over the world continue to show. His love for the bboys decided to provide beats. Quickly earning his respect by different Break DJs around the world releasing. A few Mix CDs and also collaborating with DJ Light from Japan and sharing. Stage with such DJs as Skeme Richards, Renegades, Element, etc.

The judges: L-R: Bboy Born (Rivers Crew), Bboy Free (Soul Shifters Crew) & Bboy The End (Gamblerz Crew)

Wakaka Fever (Malaysia) is the first team to combat with the other team

Wakaka Fever (Malaysia) - They like to do this twist-leg trick, which let me felt "ouch"

I wonder if every B-boys can easily pose with one hand stand

Big Toe (Vietnam) - It looks like the Hulk is throwing a person

Wakaka Fever (Malaysia)

Big Toe (Vietnam) - Twist in the air

Big Toe (Vietnam) - A very stunning move done by them

Wakaka Fever (Malaysia) - He said something at the end

Some of the Showdown Crew were there to support the event

There is some introduction for B-boys from Korea and Malaysia:

One of the crew from Baby (Korea)

He did lots of great move on the stage

One of the crew from Baby (Korea)

Showdown Crew

He is the youngest B-boy in Big Toe (Vietnam), only 14 years old but can dance so well

That's him, the contest continue with Big Toe versus Soulfresh

Big Toe (Vietnam)

Soulfresh (Taiwan) - They manage to get to the final, PK with Big Toe

In the middle of the event R16 T-shirt and some merchandise were given out by Jazz Ivy

I can say almost everyone was eager for it

Apart from the dance competition, some of the biggest names in B-boying and the hip hop scene such as B-boy Born, B-boy Free, B-boy The End, DJ Dust, Baby, MC Super Ivy, Altimet and Dose Two were also present to further add to the excitement of the night by providing entertaining performances at the event.

Baby (Korea) - The special performance

Baby (Korea) - They did nice dance choreography but too bad I didn't have enough battery to recorded down their performance

Baby (Korea) SJ Bboys
Battle B-boy is a mesmerizing harmony of Korean traditional dance and B-boy dance. It features Korean traditional items, such as fans and baks, and the B-boys dance to Korean traditional music. The unique combination of hip-hop and Oriental music and the sets made from Korean ink paintings, create an exciting, memorable spectacle.

In my opinion, when you dance, your facial expression is important. It show that you either enjoy the dance or you are just a dancing robot.

Apart from them, there are sexy girl too. Korean's dance culture are just so new and different ha. Summore I am watching them dancing sexy so near. Imagine playing "Bleeding love nose" song.

Without proper practice, my leg would had broken if I did that

Sexy dance move with many pose

She grab my attention easily because of her unique hair look

A B-boy fight with another

Nowadays they include a bit drama inside a dance performance. This would make it looks more interesting compared to other.

Personally like this picture

"I want no body no body , but you!"

5 of the Baby Crews

All the Baby crews! I would like to post more stories about them but it is kinda hard to google their stories as they used a very simple group name - Baby (All I found is young baby B-boy performance on Youtube)

Malaysian artist did some performance too:

Altimet is a multiple awards winner at the local music industry. As a solo artist, producer, songwriter and lyricist, Altimet has worked with a number of hot local artists whose music genres range from hiphop and R&B to ska, drum-n’-bass and pop. In 2009, he was crowned Best Hiphop Solo Act at the Voize Independent Music Awards [VIMA 2008] and won Song of the Year for his track Chantek.

Dose Two
Dose Two is made up of talented duo, Naqib and Sayla. The duo won the Best Hip-Hop Group honour at the Voize Independent Musicians Awards in 2008. They were nominated for the Best Foreign Live Act category at the Singapore HOPE Awards in 2008. Some of their singles had made it to several top radio charts in Malaysia.

Dose Two

After all the special performance, it is time to announce who is the winner of R16 Regional Finals.

Mr Kim Kee Hun holding hands of two team, Big Toe(Vietnam) and SoulFresh(Taiwan). The one whose raised is the winner. So who is the winner??

The priceless expression

Imagine their years of training finally turn into a fruitful tree

He was giving out posters for the fans =)

The happy-till-wanna-cry-face ;)

What would you feel when you receive a hard earn awards?

Congratz to the winner of the R16 Southeast Asia Finals 2010, Big Toe receives their prize from (L-R): 1. Ms. Joanne Foo, Marketing Director of LG Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd.
2. His Excellency Yang Bong Ryull, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Malaysia
3. Mr. Kim Kee Hun, Managing Director of Korea Tourism Organisation

The show was ended with an open stage for all B-boys to show their talent. Too bad I dun know how to dance!

Had a little interview with LG, KTO and the winner group =)

Congratz again to Big Toe as they are going to Korea to battle for Korea World B-boy Masters Championships. Good luck! I do respect you all!

(Wern is one of the lucky girl to snap photo together with Big Toe crews)

R16 Korea World B-boy Masters Championship is part of the 'Korea Be Inspired' Festival 2010, which aims to promote Visit Korea Year 2010-2012, R16 urban youth culture and the Korean Wave (Hallyu). The event was managed by GF World Solutions (GFW), with 8TV and 98.8FM as media sponsors, while KL Life Centre and Berjaya Times Square were venue sponsors for the Regional and Malaysian finals respectively. To know more about R16, please visit www.r16seasia.com

Life's Good! Get a life!

During the interview I was chicken out last minute to ask if LG would sponsor LG Blog writers to Korea for participating in this event. I was just not brave enough la =S

But still, if any personnel from LG read this, I hope you can help me fly to Korea just for this B-boy championships!! They are just too awesome and I wanna see them again in Korea!!

Pretty pretty pls?! For more photo of R16 Southeast Asia Final 2010's photo please visit the photo album on my blog FanPage =D

Thanks again to LG for the special pass so that I can take close-up photo =D


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