Sweet Potato Leaf Soup 番薯叶 枸橘子 菜汤

Sweet Potato Leaf Soup with WolfBerry

Since I've quit my 9-5 job I am now with a tighter pocket and that's why gotta save more money. This is one of the reason I start learning to cook by myself. Initially all I know to cook are Maggy Mee and spaghetti only because all flavouring, ingredient and sauces are prepared. But now I would like to try more and it start with vege soup. My sister said Sweet Potato Leaves (番薯叶) is one of the vegetables that can detoxify your body and maybe can cure my pimples too. It does have lots more benefits by eating this vege! So I tried it out with these ingredient:

1 packet of Sweet Potato Leaves
1 spoonful of WolfBerry (枸橘子) - which is good for eyesight
A pinch of salt

I like clear soup instead of one with so much oil. That's why my soup in the above picture looks really clear.

Here's some tips on preparing this soup. Sweet potato leave doesn't have thick leaves, so you just need to cook it for a short period of time with boiling water. Before that, remember to rinse your vege thoroughly because there might have lot of earthworms inside especially when you buy from an organic shop. There are lots of soil too.

As for WolfBerry, it is easy to add in any recipe or dishes that you want to cook. Porridge is the easiest one.

Opinion about my self handmade soup:
Since I have no experience about putting what flavoring is good and the exact amount. I just put a bit of salt and the soup ends up purely-sweet-potato-leaf taste. Luckily I have wolfberry inside which tasted a bit sweet to cover the plain taste.

Here is a sharing about my simple and plain cooking. I think next time I should try to fry the vege with oyster sauce? =D

Just wanna share about two YouTube musician here: Janice and Sonia - JS

Found out that they have lovely voice and sweet look too =) Enjoy their song, a different version of Nobody by Wonder Girls!

JS - Nobody - Wondergirls (cover)


  1. wow your mee looks like those selling at the restaurant! nice photo =P

  2. [Fish]
    T.T It is not mee =S
    But thx for ompliment my pict ;)

    haha try it ;p

  3. next time we lazy to cook dinner find encik tianchad =D

  4. [Wern]
    Haha Maggy mee soup when both you ask me to cook. Easy~!


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