Yeah, StandOut with the Tiger! Thanks for support!

Good news~! I've get myself a pair of invites to Nuffnang's StandOut Party :)
Seems like my innocent looks worked this time! Haha Here is my StandOutPost

Wonder what to wear to be stand out
I dun have the budget for renting costume
But I do have this cute Tiger with me ;p
Seems like I need to wear something more orange and blue! XD

Today Chipster sent me an e-mail .
Remind me I have 1 week left to submit my Chipster Video~!
So...Have a look at my first video here!

Going to direct my second video now~
Thanks for those who supported in "Be My ruumates" contest, McD BlogPost+Facebook contest!
How to support me @ McD Facebook contest?
All you have to do is just leave a comment when you saw
"Have you McValue LUNCH-ed this week?"
The comment can be good or bad :)
I will really appreciate it if you can say even just a word~!

Next up!
Chipster would be my video contest which really need your BIG support ^@^~


LithiumMind said…
My god you look so cute when u were young. Sure kena cubit a lot :)
TianChad田七 said…
Haha I can't remember about that ;p
Everyone looks cute when they were child
Horny Ang Moh said…
Wah laueh! Another of my readers got invited to this 'standout' party arrrr!!! Dam I should joint in the contest,but then I am just a simple fellow not 'outstanding' in anyway apart from my 'bro' who can really 'stand up' for a long time! He! He!

BTW tq very much for dropping on my site! Have a very nice day!

P/s Don't know what to wear for this party? Well then don't wear anything! Body painting will do nicely!
waninoko said…
woah, congrats on getting in. I was too occupied with stuff untill I had no time to write it. Dang i wish i had written it earlier then i might be able to get choosen and meet you there. XD
Francene said…
How did you make that video?
Wish to learn it~yeah~ wonder...
facebook is full of "Have you Mc-Valued this week"...haha
TianChad田七 said…
[Hor ny Ang Moh]
I wonder how do you n ur 'bro' looks like!
This is the most outstanding than the "blue sweet"!

Thx for dropping by too :) I have no good body so better don't body painting ;p

Thanks waninoko~
Haha we stil can meet for next event~

I just need the right photo and creative dialogues :)
You can do it on

Yaya, do support me by leaving any good/bad comment when you saw it ar~ :)
Francene said… to leave comments at da movie?
TianChad田七 said…
The leave comment thingy is for Facebook McD contest~:)

Where as for Chipster video is voting, the voting haven't open yet ^@^"
Anonymous said…
Congrats man! have fun at the party

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