TianChad's Chipster SuperStar Funny Movie Series

*This post is being brought up from my archieves~*

Hello all I believe some of you have watch the first Chpster Video :)
I have "directed" total 4 different story line video with the help of my fellow friends
Shaz, EuVeng(EVo), EuGene(EGo), Ellie, Amirah, Zeyi
to be my cast.

First I would like to thanks all of them for allowing me to use the photo ^@^

It took a long time to produce these movie, eventhough the story line has been prepared for you:
  • It is not easy to find the casts. As even you found a suitable face expression photo, the owner might not willing to let you have it. But luckily I met all kind one :)
  • It is not easy to crop the photo as sometimes it becomes bigger or smaller. Or even has a line underneath the portrait, which ruin the photo.
  • Patience to recrop the pictures, check the dialog if it suit the animation, then if the whole thing was presented well.
  • Creativity is the most important elements as we need to create our own dialogs. I wish I have the brain of Yasmin Ahmad, who always direct good movie ;p

Now, lets have a look on my James Bond series Chipster Video

"Chips or Belle"

The Starwars series
"BBQ Chipster's Force"

The Mathrix Series
"The Bwa-Moeba"

And last one Pirate of Carribean series
"Zuzu Sparow"

Have you found your favourite video from the 4 ? ;p
I hope that my dear friends and blogger will vote at least ONE of the video because Chipster is giving out marvelous prizes that I would like to have :)

Yes, I would like to own an iPod Touch or even a MacBook Air ^@^
Of course with the helps from my fellow friends!

So, how to support?
1. Go to www.chipster.com.my
2. Click on the "Chipster Superstar" and then "Gallery and Voting"
3. You will found my videos on Page 1,3,5 and 18
3. Click "View & Vote", type in the verification code then click "OK"
4. Done you have support me for day 1~!
5. You are very welcome to come back and vote for me again unti 19th June 2009.
6. I do wish you can vote everyday!! ^@^"

PS: Me & my friends were on the run of KFC FLava Roast Contest too. Have you vote for us @ Entry No. 15??
Need to register and vote us for ONCE only~

Thanks ya! Love you all !! ^@^
I do hope that my efforts are not sucked into the black-hole ;p
*finger crossed!*


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA dude u damn smangat can! is my pleasure to use my face (even though it's a swine face) lol. jia you! i'm voting for u today!

  2. [EVo]
    Mestilah semangat :)
    Wanna win something from Chipster ar
    Got Mac Book, iPod Touch and more~
    Since I have no money, I gotta try to win it~


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