A Night Party to Remember MWR ruumzsters @ Sanctuary (The Curve)

Dear all, if you haven't read about MWR's first meet up
Do visit here! >> Most Wanted Roomates @ GreenPacket Rooftop

Here comes ruumz's second meet up!
This time it is bigger and better @ Sanctuary (The Curve)!
Another new place for me to visit :)

The decoration in Sanctuary is kinda Orange, Black, Red, Yellow and White.
Mixing with the fire elements.
Before I show you something I would like to mention here
What attracted me is the guy who shown us how a cigarette was made.
He told us that there are three different level/ taste that you can have
Light, Medium, or Heavy Tobacco
You can put in some essence oil/liquid that you like too

Just put the tobacco into the hole, fixed to an empty cigarette.
Then "ka-cha", with just a pull an amount of tobacco was inserted into the smoke tube.

Here he is the demostrator :)

Besides me is a PC Platform for people to vote for your faourite MWR
Notebook with P1 WIGGY was provided.
When you vote there you got a digit for lucky draw~!

The first two ruumates that I met are Kingston and Melissa
*Sorry Kingston, two photo taken but this one is the best XD*

Then I saw Nicholas Chay from Nuffnang with Jestina, the new member of Nuffies~

Here she is the partner of mine aka the Top 3 Winner of KFC Flava Roast
Nicole Chua
She is still nervous which rank she will get :)

Met JoshLim at the event too :)
He has a brand new hairstyle that make him look so fresh!!

Not forgetting the super-duper-young-looking-guy
Nicholas Chhan
Must have funny pose when take picture with him

There were P1 WIGGY Team that promoting their broadband service too.
I would love to switch to P1 W1Max but I have to finish my *hidden* one year contract first
No choice, I don't have people sponsor me ;p
"Play with my WIGGY everyday!"

When the time come the event started :)
James Chong giving a speech thank you the ruumz team and sponsors

There was a Catwalk by the finalists with Ripcurl's Clothes
And this is the only photo that can be shown
Asran with the macho sunglasses

After the Catwalk, all the finalist posed for a group photo.
They are all stars!

Quickly there was a Dance Off and they dance in pairs
First one Kalveen and Coco Woo
The first pair to dance following the music and instantly

Second, Dicky Oscar and Melissa Lim

Third, one of my favourite pairs Kingston Liu & Rachel Beh
See how sweet they holding hands? ;p

They have the turn and twist!

Followed by Pearlyn Sin and David Lai
David Lai looks like just step into a new world ;p
You will know what I mean after watch the video

Next up!
Amanda Choe with Asran Zakry

One of the best cheered dancing pair
I believe they have a lot of supporter that night :)

And the next pair
Reuben Samuel and Raeesa Sya
Raeesa Sya screaming as hard as possible~!

Here comes the pretty+handsome Derek Yap and sexy+hot Kiwi See XD

I can't forget the BIG blinky Derek's eye. Haha!

The judges ask Derek to strip again as he did it in the first MWR meetup
Kiwi showing out tongue and OS:" Paiseh le, but I want it!! ;p "
Derek:" Ha?! No!! Not again...! "

I haven't seen Sandra Yap before. But she did manage to impressed us with her pump-up dance
Let see how pumped-up Sandra is with her partner Lean JingCong

This is Umar Shahir & Kamen Liew

They have big loud cheers when Umar start stripping off as requested by the "thirsty+hungry" judges
I am sure the judges were hungry as they haven't had their dinner yet XD

Till the end 2 pairs of dancer were selected by the loudest cheers and applause
Amanda has already prepared for the next dance war!

So don't wait already, must watch this!

So you guess who deserved the win??

Yay, both team have 250 points for the great performance
*Hugging session*
My favourite? Sandra Yap!!
She is trully a pumped-up dancer!

Haha, I wonder what are the judges hiding about while Rosse know about it.
Niki Cheong, Sarah Lian, Lu jing Shia and Rosse

Amanda drop by for her beer and I took a chance to snap photo with her :)
Immediately after that James and Jiggee is announcing the lucky winner of
Samsung New Mobile Phone

First number "2", last number "8" and the middle number is....."9"!
Number 298, who is it? :)
Congratz to the ruumate :)
Dennis Lim

Let see what is my number =.="
I wash just a digit away to be the lucky winner! *sigggghh*

Nevermind, with Heineken it made me happy ;p
The winner couple of MWR will be interviewed and published on FACES Magazine!
How great is it? :)

Ok please get ready for my usual "group-photo-train"!
Jennifer, the BIGGEST and BEST promoter of ruumz ;p

Jiggee, the funny emcee that can make everyone laugh!

Macho HuaiBin and angelic cute Angela

Kiwi See the sexy+cool MWR finalist

There is always a problem to have dark guy like Arsyan and fair Kiwi taking picture together.
In addition one is all black and another is all white
It is either Kiwi over exposed or Arsyan under exposed XD

Lean JingCong the lucky dude that were drooled by 2 ladies on the dance floor! :)

Suresh and Minton my ruumates and also bloggers~!

Other ruumates :)
[ ______ ], Babe, and Kokonut
Sorry, can't recognizesome of you as some put baby photo in the ruumz profile ;p

Selena & EuVeng(EVo) the lovely sweet couple :)

Thong Kai :)

Azni and JoshLim

Thanks to Azni for the free whiskey ;p

Black Label with Coke
Can't have only Whisky as me and Nicole are on empty stomach :X

Farez, as usual the videocam guy for the event :)

Nicole can't wait to lean on the so called "buaian" and posed! XD

Yeah, me and Nicole with ruumz

Nicole was so happy that this is her first event with a Blogger Pass Tag
Nice right?

After wandering around for a few round, gave up searching for Rachel
Feel disappointed as can't find any of the judges for a group photo
(as they are going for dinner too)

The voting period for MWR has been extended to 12 July due to overwhelming response and support for the campaign. To check the finalist out and cast your votes to have your say on who will be the Most Wanted ruumate, all you need to do is log on to www.ruumz.com/mostwantedruumate. Start voting now and stand a chance to win prizes and exclusive invites to the finale party in July! What more? The vote percentage will be hidden starting in 1st of July. This will become more excited as people would need to guess who would be the winner of Most Wanted ruumate!!

If you haven't sign up, do register by clicking @ here and Be my ruumate!

After sipping off the whisky, we went to Asia Cafe for "dinper"
Why no dinner + supper one ? ;p
She ordered this
A fungus "spaghetti"

What can you see from this photo?
I saw a "flying" Nicole with wind blowing at her.
Why? Cause she found a "Feng Shui" seat with BIG fan and pose like shampoo model (plus eating the food)

Not bad not bad!
No wonder somebody called you hot babe!


  1. Wah super long post dude. nice meeting u that day man. cannot forget sandra's dancing haha....!

  2. [EVo]
    Haha paiseh for the long post XD
    Sandra surely is a good dancer!

    [Jian Akiraceo]

  3. It was good to meet you again buddy. I believe I had a little too much to drink that night courtesy of the whisky vouchers from Jennifer and Azni. ;)

  4. I think I must have missed out my new colleague Juanita, hmm...

  5. [Huai Bin]
    Yeah, nice to meet you too bro!
    Ruumz team do have a lot of Whisky + Beer voucher for us :)

    Haha! Paiseh paiseh ^@^"
    Nice to meet you anyway~


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