UTAR Gathering @ Boston (Mont Kiara)

One day in April 2009
Out of a sudden ChunJin ask if I am free that time to hang out.
Went to meet ChunJin to car-pool
Arrived @Boston only after pass through several Coffee Bean Shop
Sometimes it is bad to have many branches in the same area
Here it is Boston @ Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

The ambience there kinda high class
I guess this shop has another name called Oriental Fusion @ 又一城?

They have certain part of the menu serving "BIYATCH" only
Are you a "Celebitchy"? "Super Biyatch"? "Slutty Heidi"?
Or you want some "Pussy Juice"? or a "MILF"!

I forgot which one I ordered, maybe "Slutty Heidi" XD
When we arrive there we received a ticket by the jocker
Bloody RM10!
We park our car our own, but why he still enquire for the parking fees from us?
I wonder if we should pay him just because of the parking lot.
Should I? Or shouldn't I?

There is a nice vocal singer there
She gave me a bright smile.
I took picture with a smile too :)
Thanks to Yengyeng for asking me to take photo with her.
I didn't think of that as I was a bit tired after work

If you have visited Boston you should have visit their toilet too.
It is hidden behind a secret door.Can camewhore inside while waiting for the toilet

We even can take modeling picture in their spacious toilet because of the mirrorS all around the wall!

Saw two artistic statue
Is this the so called 36-24-36?

And this would be 40 -28-34?? I have no idea
Just like the way it made of.

Some of the picturestaken @ Boston
First time met Ye Siang after graduation

The fighting happy friends
Still remember the Genting memory XD

Since some of us already had our dinner
Chun Jin ordered a Banana boat to share with all of us :)

Mean while, I start snapping the environment of Boston
The comfortable seats with nicely decorated lamps
Here is a macro view on their design

Another one
It is draw by hand or machine?
You guess :)

Somemore group photos

I like this photo :D
Did you notice what is flying into the frame and what ahppen next??
Thanks to naughty ChunJin

What we did are just chit-chating and update each other again.
Can't remember if we gossiping about others
But all I remember is we did have fun gather around :)

Last but not least, have a nice day with my last photo.
Ah Kuek's cutepose while being the accountant.
Not everyone can pose like her ar.
Especially with RM50 notes on her hands

July is coming but I haven't finished April's story! >.<
Hope I can share it with you all and have fun reading!
Do leave some comments if you noticed there is something I can do to improve my blog :)

Appreciate for your opinions!


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