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TianChad's New LG Arena KM900

Maybe you have known this
But I will still announce it ;p

I got myself a brand new phone LG Arena KM900 Without any money spent! ^@^
*wink wink*

It was actually a prize from LG as my LG Blog Launch Party Blogpost was selected as
"The Most Creative Blog Post Covering LG Blog Launch Party"
You can't see me smiling happily as I was too happy and worried about the cameraman skills at the same time :X
Thanks to Michael Song!!
(Paiseh for wrong spelled ^@^")
This is my first time winning a BIG Prize from blogging :)
I hope there will be more in future.
Not forgetting the Digi Speak Out, Lurve Affair and Nescafe Chillla Plex contest.
Still don't have good idea yet
Thanks to LG and Nuffnang for the contest :)

Let see what is inside
Yeah, a brand new LG Arena KM900!! ^@^

These are the things given in one box.
Even the rubber coat also provided :)

A slot for Micro SD Card and Sim Card

Even the cover also teach you how to put on the cover ;p

5.0 MegaPixels Camera + DOLBY Mobile!!
I can have photo using this phone if my camera's battery died ;p

Put on the rubber protection coat first!

Then only charge the phone ;p
Can't wait to play with it even before I read the manual.
But I still need to wait until it is fully charged for the first time!!

So stay tuned after I have play with it for a period of time~
Will give it a review as long as I have finish explore all the new features~ ^@^"

For more great prizes do visit www.lgblog.com.my
They always giving good freebies!

Thanks to LG
Life's Good!! ^@^

Do give me some more time for ruumz MWR post
I know you can't wait XD

Be my ruumate!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)