The day I was in a Panty Hose. StandOut Enough?

After continuous update of my blog everyday for more than 1 month
Me myself do feel exhausted
That's why I didn't have new post for past 3 dayS ^@^"
*Messing around with my Chipster Superstar Video*

Okay, now I am back!!
Nuffnang Tiger Standout Party @ HQNine (6th of June)
What do I dressed as?
Since I know I won't be a standout without the costume, why not just being myself and match with the Tiger Beer?That's why I brought my little Tiger with me and wore a Blue Shirt to match with the brand new Tiger Beers~!

Went to fetch my sister first then notice the bright sky with the sun.
Stop down and took a picture :)
This is before the haze dropping by to KL...~

So here it is my dearest sister brought her CowCow along :)
Both the plush dolls were handmade by her
Yeap! My sister - Dearbear3

At first she not dare to carry her cow
That's why you might see me hugging a tiger and the long limbs cow

Later then, met with few bloggers and "camwhore"
One of the shoot, thanks to Gerald
Jason Low, the lucky attention seeker for that night :)
*I am jealous for the Nintendo~!*

Saw "Seow Ren" aka the Levi's Superman :)
Real name Simon Seow

Seraph Sam
First time met him and took photo with him
Do visit his blog for the McD Post, he has pay big effort to do the video :)

Saw YeeHou, Audrey and Robb
All three have impersonate different character~

Once we go into HQNine
There are already a bunch of Nuffnangers sitting and waiting inside :)
So we too looking for seats and found the kinda-hidden-VIP-looks-place
It look so elegant and no body was sitting there
So I use my "thick face" and ask if we were allowed to sit there
As a result, we can sit there, enjoy the sofas, & cam whore!
"Thich face" do works XD

Snap photo like no body there ;p
My sister and me!

Do you prefer the sexy tiger or the cute tiger?

Until a HQNine staff dropped by offer to open Tiger beer for us :)
Good poser here!

Tiger said: "We rock!"

Two of the new design
I should have keep 3 of the tiger beer. Never thought of that that time :X

Continue camwhore
CowCow doing the yoga

Dearbear, TianChad(Me) + Ange

How does Ange get in to this party?
Thanks to Joyce for the invites
I still owe him a photograph session as an exchange for the ticket
Joyce, when u wanna "shoot" me? Haha!
What do you think the reaction of a real surgeon when he saw Joyce dress like this?
That is what he experienced XD

Camwhore with other bloggers
The Spartan Kevin and Roger

Event started when MC Liang and Jojo Struys give a speech.
Okay, a snap of Timothy Tiah of how excited he is to told us finish the 1k bottles of Tiger beer
I would say 1k is nto enough!! Cause I only manage to have 2 =.="
What can do? I am the driver that night and can't drink much...

Spot the lovely couple here :)
KY and Melissa
They stand out as a lovely couple :)

We are all hungry and hunting for the foods~!

And some desserts

Camwhore again

After foods
Went to take photo with the emcees and caught this fun + happy shoot
Especially Liang!
See this? XD
Liang, the guy who can sing well and like to hug girls!

Which eventually leads to have people bid on him that the Spartans will get tons of Nuffnang dollars for kissing Liang on the lips
Yes, they did
Spartan do rocks! Haha

First shoot of me with Jojo
*Too dark*
Second shot with her. Suddenly she said
"Come, funny pose"
I haven't get ready ar =.="

This is the day the Spartans own, they have tons of Nuffnang dollars for the auction!!

First one, Nuffnang Toilet Paper XD
2nd auction, Spartans won a Nintendo DS Lite

But in third auction, Cow cow Benard won the banana XD
Saw the precious expression?
Benard:" Oh my ...Really got banana?!"

People do get excited for the auction
Still have Toilet Brush, Gold class Movie Tickets..etc
Too bad I lost my 20 Nuffnang Dollar to my sister ...
In the end some people got the Armani Exchange Belt
and some got the ...
"Rihanna's Umbrella" - Howard

Auction end, here come another game.
Kennysia was invited for this game and I volunteer myself before I know what is the game!!
The Panty Hose Duel Challenge
Jojo is a clever girl that pulling the panty hose to prevent it form the "pretty" face
*That's why this game is not for girls*

I was like
"Shit shit shit ...." and keep repeating the word once I saw how it work...
I believe Nuffnangers can hear me keep saying that =.="
By looking at the bright side, not only me have the "pretty" face ar.
And it is my honour to have a duel with KennySia?
That's how I comfort myself ^@^"

Courtesy of YungChien I have this shoot
The day TianChad and KennySia in a panty hose!

And this shoot

I already gave up when my head is at this position as I know sooner or later the panty hose will get off my head.
That's why I gave up and Kenny won
Somemore the panty hose is DAMN HARSH to your skin =.="

Another two competitor dueling
Mr. Potato Uncle tried his best in ths round!
Saw the face? XD

Since Kenny saw the strong uncle
He also start warming up his body
Wonder if KennySia can do push up?
Yes he can!

In the end Kenny won the prize that make me regret for giving up too fast :X
A Rayban Sunglasses !
An item which is still in my wishlist

Later then, the selected StandOut finalist was asked to gather on stage

The Scissors hand + Dancer
Quite standout as he got bring his own song for the dance performance.

Belly dancer did her best to seduce "Susan Boyle"
Looks like Kenny has a back ache ;p

Sometime Kenny do looks cute beside funny, right? XD

And naughty too!
That's the time when he flashed his bush
"Susan Boyle" has a big bush down there!

The standout lady - PinkPorkChop
There she goes, with a Pink Coach bag :)

And scissors hand with a X-Box
He looks funny here ;p
*Finger getting chopped*

There is also some lucky "Attention seekers" that draws Nuffnang's attention~!
She won

He won

One of my friends ShiiWei won himself a Nintendo DS Lite~
Gratz :)

Later then camwhore again!
YungChien the guy with sensitive lips
*Not lipsticks ar XD*

Jovi - The Five eye

Coincidentally 6th of June is Timothy Tiah's brthday :)
Every Nuffnangers + Nuffies stamp the Birthday wish on him.
What would happen to Boss Ming next time? :)

Did you saw your wish? :)
Click here to see some of the wishes~

Took a photo with Timothy
We are "Double T"

I have promised to take a nice photo with Jian@Akiraceo
Not very success but atleast can see the lengzai Miao right? XD
People were looking for him as Jian shyshy didnt put profile photo on blog ;p
Here, print out this photo and hunt him down!!
I just like his drawing :)

Took photo with Princess

First time with Ringo
And Emeryn

Not forgetting my coursemate
Kenyoshi and Kevin :)
And another photo with Jojo Struys
*At last it looks better!!*

When the event end, we still can hangout in HQNine
But 1k bottle of Tiger Beers has been finished =.="
*Just a lucky snap by my sis*

Now we can only see the Tiger but cannot drink...
Jealous when saw Jason with his Nintendo XD

So my sis pretended that she won it.

So do I!

Later than the Spartan Roger dropped by to see CowCow and took a photo with it
*Like the lighting*

Kinky HuaiBin run on Susan Boyle. LOL!

Since no more beers = parties end.
Took a shoot for sis before we left HQNine and go for something cool.

She had the Mango Ice

I try the Kiwi Ice

Too bad that the Kiwi is so not ripe enough until the Kiwi Ice can "cut" your tongue...
An advice for you when you want the Kiwi Ice.
Ask if the Kiwi is ripe enough!

Sorry for not joining the blogger gangs for Supper @ Mesra.
I feel tired and wanna be just two of us :X

Last but not least, for those who attended the StandOut Party
You are welcomed to join this "Stand Out Moments" Contest by Tiger Beer!
Stand a chance to win yourself a MacBook, iPhone or PS3~
Make sure your photo are crazy enough~! :)
Click here to be Tiger Fans~

Talking about contest, I am sure you have notice four videos upthere right?
Please pick the favourite videos and vote for me @
*Videos are on Page 1,3,5 and 18*
PS: No need REGISTER~!

A day a Tiger with Tiger Beer


  1. Too bad i didnt manage to look into the camera but yet its still nice ^^


    Btw, send my regards to your cute sister XD..

  2. good, really stand out..cheers

    look fwd to see more activities sharing..

  3. [Jian Akiraceo (Miao)]
    Yeah :)
    I will do it for sure haha!

    Haha, one of the moment in my life that make me Standout ha? ;p
    There will be a lot till I have no time to wrtie it XD

    Stay tuned!

  4. great post tc =)

    thx for advertising my mcd vid also haha..

    results are out tomoro lol =S

  5. [Seraph]
    Thanks bro :)
    It is good to share ar
    Do u means the blog contest result~?

  6. i got a mix of date haha
    the results for the contest will be out on 16 =)

  7. [Seraph]
    They postponed the result announcement again~~ ;p
    Goodluck to both of us!


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