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Foods That Fight Belly Fat

This is a health article from RealAge® that I would like to share today~!

Did you know that besides doing wonders for your health, a certain nutrient group might also help keep your pants size down?

It's true. Flavonoids -- those antioxidant-like compounds found in fruits, veggies, chocolate, tea, and wine -- seemed to help ward off belly fat in a 14-year study.

Multitasking Flavonoids
Specifically, catechins, flavonols, and flavones -- types of flavonoids -- may help curb belly bulge by improving the body's metabolic profile, the researchers noted. So where can you get your fair share? The study participants got most of theirs from pears, apples, tea, chocolate, broad beans, onions, leeks, and sweet peppers. Pretty tasty choices. Try adding some to the menu tonight with these EatingWell recipes:

Low-Cal Delights
Interestingly, only the women in the study experienced a waistline benefit from flavonoids. But because flavonoid-rich foods like fruits and veggies are often low in calories, they're still a smart choice for anyone who is weight conscious. Is your waist size where it should be? Use this tool to find out.

To really help the pounds melt, you need a whole-body weight loss plan. Try one of these step-by-step RealAge programs.
RealAge Benefit: Maintaining your weight and body mass index at a desirable level can make your RealAge as much as 6 years younger.

References: Higher dietary flavone, flavonol, and catechin intakes are associated with less of an increase in BMI over time in women: a longitudinal analysis from the Netherlands Cohort Study. Hughes, L. A. et al., American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2008 Nov;88(5):1341-1352.


That's why I like dark chocolate and onions? ;p

Kinda tired these day, it is time to pamper myself!
Sleep more! So that I have energy to post for next post~ ^@^"


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