A (Lucky) Day In My Working Life @ 板面的屋

Have you ever curious what I work as? :)
I work in a Bio-fertilizer company that give me the chance to culture the microbes.
Don't worry, neither H1N1 virus nor hazardous microbes ;p
It is environmental friendly and beneficial to plants!

One day in my working life
A sunny day
You might saw three people digging a hole near the tree to get soil sample
This is part of my company's research :)
Who is always the farmer?

My dear colleague Liew

And who is the one responsible to handle the soil sample?
Another lovely colleague of me
Puah - The Fair princess

And what do I do?
As usual I am the photographer XD
I took the photo of the trees and observe what are the changes after a period of time.

Sometimes I do get lucky to see the bees searching for honey
Can you spot it?

You can spot it netter now :)
The bee is trying to dig some honey from the flower that haven't bloom yet

Saw a new grown Banana tree with a new leaf
"Your youth is the budget to fight for a bright future. So, chase your dream before you are too old to do so!"

Work hard + play hard at the same time!
That's how I release my stress :)

In the afternoon, we went to 板面的屋 @ Bandar Puteri
A pink restaurant with delicious Pan Mee
Menu is simple, but the mee is delicious :)

I also want an Own Brand product for sell
What could it be??

Thanks to Nicole for the recommendation :)

Yet another photo of Puah :)

After took their photo, Nicole grab my camera and want to snap me too.
What can you see?

I got a lot of the "Tahi lalat"/Beauty Spot/lentigines/naevus(naevi)
Peaple said the number of naevus = the number of talent you have
Is that true? lol

As a return of snapping their photo, I need to be snapped too

Surrender, gave her a smile

and a victory signature ;p

Today is a good day for me as I have new project to go on and upcoming days will be busy.
Celebrated my colleague's Liew belated birthday while all colleagues are here ;p
And...A big surprise that my LG Blog Post help me won the latest LG flagship mobile phone
LG Arena
Thanks to LG and Nuffnang~

Life's REALLY good with LG ! If I know how to dance I would have dancing like him already ;p
Have you become a LG Facebook member?
LG M'sia is giving Transformers Movie Tickets to you!
They are giving out tickets for those who live in Penang, KK & JB

Waiting for LG M'sia to giving out ticket for Transformer screening in KL/Selangor/Melaka ;p

Better join now before you missed it~
Be a LG Facebook member now!

Life's Good! ;)

I am sure you might have noticed four Youtube video on the top.
Was hoping to get your support by voting my video @ http://www.chipster.com.my
Do help me to make my friends able to be on TV3 XD
Voting ends on 19th June...So start voting now~?
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