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Have you sign-up Malaysia NightRun '09?

Since I like to try new thing, this is one of the new stuff I will try.
July 25th has been marked up for this Malaysia Men'sHealth NightRun '09
I feel that this is special because first time run at night ;p
Without the hot weather it will be a lot better!!

I prefer the Fun Run (5KM) as I am sure my stamina can't go for tougher run yet.
Below is the route that people will go through

For only RM30 you can have a goodie bag which worth over RM300 :)

Below are the sponsors :)
Is it for guys only? No!
Girls also welcome to have a run!
If you are interested please register @ Shape(Girl) or Men's Health(Guy)

To prevent any hassle, it is better to pay the fees online through www.hooha.asia
With only extra RM4 you will save your petrol fees and time to collect your shirts and goodies bag :)

Who will I able to meet? :) Could it be you?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)