Google Is The New God In 21st Century. Agree?

I am sure everyone who use the internet agrees when people ask if Google is one of the greatest invention in 21st century. Now we not only have Google search, we also have Google Adsense, Picasa 3, Google Map, Google Chrome and more!

First their famous search engine. You can easily search for thing that you want to know on net by just logging on to What else you can't know from Google? News, articles, photos or even video also can be found by Google! Not forget to mention their safety feature during surfing the website with virus or malicious software.

Google Adsense, this is the first advertisement platform online that made both advertiser and publisher happy. It help the writer earn a better living by just blogging or writing at home. A new types of income from the virtual world-Internet.
It is easier for advertiser to target their customer of interest and this is a win-win situation. People nowadays can't really live without internet right?

Yes, another great invention - Picasa 3.
Picasa 3 do help a lot of IT newbies in editing photo and publish/share with friends online. It decrease the hassle for people to edit the photo and share with friends without needing to know Photoshop! Yeah!! Besides that, it is linked to Blogspot so that people can easily blog and share the photo too! Free photo online storage provided.

What more? Ah! Google Map. You would like to know how does it looks like if you cannot be the astronauts right? Without the plane and rocket we can already know where he live and how the place looks like. It also provide us guidance on how to go from place A to destination B. Sounds good enough?

No! There is also Google Chrome the simplified Internet browser that help people surf the web faster, easier and happier! You won't know how great Google is until you get in touch with it ^@^

Now I can see Google keep emerging and will become the world dominant in not long time. Youtube's account are linked to Google, Blogspot are linked to Google too. There's is a lot more coming!!

So, who disagree one of the greatest invention is NOT Google?

The end~!

Wrote this post in not more than 20 minutes and I think there will be a lot of grammar errors
Just wanna have a try on MTV Blogger Contest
Initially wanna write about "Which VJ I want to follow around for a day" but I cant find Marion Caunter anymore...*sad*
So instead of that I wrote something regard "What is the singlemost greatest invention of the 21st century?"
I wonder if I will able to see Google XP instead of Window XP
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  1. I've always been thinking..the moment google comes out with a free OS, microsoft is SO DEAD. muahaha.

  2. [EVo]
    Haha, I wonder when will Google do that Let's wait n see~! ;p

  3. The link to your blog at that website is tianchad, A typo I guess? =)


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