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Newman Magazine 6th Anniversary (Preview)

Yesterday night went to Newman Magazine's 6th anniversary party
Located at Mist @ Bangsar Avenue
I Went late as I don't think the event will start so early, which is 6 PM
Arrived around 7.30PM and it is true about hard to find a car parking there.

Saw emcee JoeyG again and this time with a party partner :)
She does like to party :)

There is some game going around and these are the three "lucky" guy that has the opportunity of being styled hair by the girls using Loreal's Hair Product
Guess who win?
Luckily I didn't volunteer myself for this game!! XD

Of couse, Newman Party can't lack of catwalk by the G2 girls
I didn't notice they are catwalking with MEN's brief until i saw

After the catwalk, what are they actually throwing?
PS: They are all wearing Men's Brief!

Full event post is here!

Going back hometown this weekend for PFHS Anniversary~
Grandma making dumpling for us again!! ^@^
Love you grandma I know you love us more!

And yeah last day to vote for me and my friend @
Page 1,3,5 and 18~!
Would you help me win an iPod Nano?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)