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I Just Can’t Get Enough of Transformers

At last it come!
Here's the trailer

Remember two years ago, which is also June.
I still able to watch 8TV all the time especially their Quickie
Quickie is where I noticed the Transformers SMS contest
And also the place where I know Belinda Chee XD
Last time the 8TV SMS Contest is still very new for everyone
So not much people participate the contest ;p

Guess what is the 1st prizes?
This is it Panasonic LUMIX FX-100
No kidding :)
I've tried to win this camera since I saw it in the contest
12 MegaPixels and with the special "Burst-Speed Mode"
Still loving it very much ;p

I also got some Transformers toys and gave them to my cousins.
I remember it was a Handphone and Helicopter Transformers.

Along with the 1st prize I was given 2 tickets of Transformers Premiere To protect or to destroy??
*Note something lighting there? ;p*

During that time I was still studying, no transport to watch the premiere...
It is very sad if you got the tickets but you can't go right?

This time it is different!!
I have a car because I start working now.
And Nuffnang is giving us a chance to win the Premiere screening for
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
I can't miss it this time !!

Why I can't get enough of transformers?
Please watch this video

I got this gift from Shaz, a very nice friend since I saw him for the first time
It looks cool right?!
Thanks Shaz XD

It does applied the theory of Transformers
Just press a button it will transform to a torch light
I always hope that I have a Transformers that can transform from a Lotus
Why Lotus? Cos I like Lotus Car ;p
For example, this one. Taken at Breakers
Think Lotus, Have Lotus, Drive Lotus!!
*One of my wish*

And when it transform hope it can looks something like Bumblebee :)

I like the way they change their form and mimic to a race car, police car, motor, lorry and other electrical device!
It just look so fascinating!!
Okok, I dun wan't to sounds like a robot freaks.
Another reason why I like transformer is because of the belle - Megan Fox

When you have a nice car, what else do you left?

Does the belle sexy enough? XD

Here is a closer looks of the Transformers Torch Light

I do hope in future I can have a Lotus Transformer!
I just can't get enough of transformers :)

"We are here, we are waiting"
For Nuffnang to give us a pair of tickets! XD

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