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UTAR @ The Garden & Monsters vs. Aliens

Later on I will go to another UTAR Biotech Gathering @ Garden Sushi Zanmai. Hope to see my dearest coursemates soon! Especially MunMun the "Dark chocolat"e that just come back from Raleigh's Sabah Expedition. Must take a lot of picture later for the sake of our UTAR facebook group It looks too empty there.

I can't stay long for the event as I will also go for a screening with my sister :) Hope she will like the movie.

Monsters vs Aliens (In 3D)

And...Not sure if I will witness this in cinema later ;p
Hope KLCC's Cinema won't took our camera away~

I wanna see how blue and funny B.O.B. is :)
(Above picture and gif were courtesy of Dead-cockroach and Expedientmeans)

Here is a trailer for you guys :)

Thanks to UIP and Nuffnang for giving us this great opportunity~!

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