SM3Y @ Sakae Sushi (KLCC)

This post should have posted up in March!!
Accidentally skipped this post because I didn't name the picture folder correctly...

But now it is up, sorry for WenJie and others waiting so long ^@^"
In mid of March
Me, WenJie, JiaLing, and Ah Wee meet up @ KLCC for lunch
Walk around the cafeteria then decided to lay our butt at
Sakae Sushi
While waiting
Four person had their green tea

Saw the same foods rotating on the belt
Nobody want it ha!

Double picture~

First, ChiaLing's appetizer arrived :)
The "Shark Fin ++ Egg Toufu"

Then, Wen Jie's Chicken Katsu Don arrived ;p
Must take a lot of picture as not much opportunity to meet up you all! ~

Then Ah Wee's ______ Katsu Don also served
*Anyone able to fill in the blank?*

Here comes my Colourful Maguro Tataki Don

Please forget about my stubborn hair looks

Not forgetting JiaLing's Gyu Don!

Ah Wee still look the same compared to SM3Y(2004)
While as for me I did change a lot
Sometimes fat sometimes skinny
But there is always one thing that look the same
Which is my pale white face...

This is the sushi I love the most (^@^)

As usual we chit-chat and ask how is others
Listing out one by one and see if any of us know their news.
Should have bring out a SM3Y name list ha XD

After drinking a lot of green tea we decide to take a walk around KLCC

Walked into a shoes store
Took a sudden shoot of Ah Wee
The ambassador for sport stuff?

They are both natural looking~

Since we all tired of walking, stop by San Francisco Coffee to have a drink

Spotted this colourful DKNY while waiting ;p
Can you see how they play the colours?

There is actually a Buy ONE Free ONE Promo going on
That's how we save some money ;p

Again cam-whoring for others XD

Everyone is still young, so don't say you are getting old now!
I always prefer getting matured than getting old

Yeah! Me and Jia Ling
So long didn't listen to her laugh and "ASTRO Channel"
Very good one ar! Free and clear!

Last but not least, had this Fullcream Iceblended Mocha/Latte
Once a while with full cream will be okay, but not everyday!!

I think I haven't met Ah Wee for the longest time since graduate
All the best to his study!
Where as for WenJie, work hard like me ba! ^@^"

And JiaLing? Stay happy as always and maintian the quality of "ASTRO Channel" !

All the best! ^@^

Currently trying to recover the comment system and finding a better one
Anyone have suggestion??


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