Movie N Dinner: "Coming Soon" N Dragon-i

Ahem...This is really a late post. ^@^"
Does "Coming Soon" still available in cinema?
Went to watch this sudden screening which sponsored by ruumz last month.Have you seen the ruumz box up there?
Hope to get your support by signing up and help me+yourself winning an iPod Nano~ ^@^

I think the premiere is 16 of April
Manage to invite my brave little sister to watch with me :)
Thank you!
Luckily you bring a jacket to cover your eye ha! Haha!

We need to redeem our ticket half an hour earlier before the screening.
This is the 2 lady that distribute tickets to us who won.
Including SMS Contest, Websites contest(eg. ruumz), newspaper contest and their own contest.

There is actually one girl queuing up behind us.
I heard her BF asked: "Why you queuing up here?"
"Don't know. I saw people queuing up so I do the same thing lo. Maybe got free ticket", she said

While we still waiting, she suddenly asked me,
"Err, may I know what are you guys queuing up for??"
"This is for people who won movie ticket in certain contest :)"

Then she went off silently after saying "Ooooo"

I can't believe what I heard and this is really funny.
She queue up because people queue up.
Is this one of the trends of Malaysia ;p
(Or other country also has this situation??)

After we had the ticket.
The crew from took a photo of me and my sis for "After movie's interview".
Didn't selected so our photo didnt appear on that web ;p

So we searching for foods and initially want to try SalmonGroove
But it looks abit pricy event though there is a promotion.

So we decide to visit Dragon - i @龙的传人

I have planned to meet ChrisTock to pass him the Maxis broadband
And I managed to pass it to him with some EXTRA Item...

While waiting for foods, I will do what I can to burn the waiting time
Cam-whore! ^@^"

This is my little sister :)
Pretty or not?

After her, it was my turn
She can be a good camera girl as she has stable hand :)

This picture taken by her also

Playing posing XD

We are actually trying to bringout this message
"How come my foods still haven't come..."
It took us almost half hour ++ to have our dish.
We even need to ring the waiter there.

Since we are going to watch "Coming Soon"
Asked her to post this way
A "Hungry ghost"

Her "Nasi Jamban" has arrived
If I am right it was pork meat.

See the happy face after her food come~! :)
A "HAPPY Hungry Ghost"~!

I am still waiting for my Seafood Noodles
Even Chopstick I also take picture...

Luckily my foods arrive in the end.

The noodle rich with seafoods
A lot of prawn sotong and fish :D

After finish eating, I though of taking the picture of the premiere tickets.
Only that time I noticed I accidentaly passed it to Chris with the Modem!!

So...We have no tickets to watch "Coming Soon"!
At that time I was really really WTF

My sister said nvm, we go watch other movie if can't get in.
But I said we must watch this movie!
Sometimes I am stubborn on certain things~
Nothing can be done if they don't allow us to go in right?

Luckily we remember where is our seats and we planned the dialogs and act "kesian" a bit
In the end we able to went in and watch "Coming Soon"!
Happy to meet a good-hearted person that allow us to go in XD

So how was the movie? It is definately very scary and funny at certain scene! :)
Somemore it is a horror movie about cinema.

Just at the start of movie it start scaring us already.
A crazy lady called Chaba kidnap childrens and dig out their eyes.
You can hear how she walk and her scary looks.

I still remember one funny scene.
After the guy watched this movie, he feel that he can see the ghost following him.
When he go to the carpark. The door automatically opened and he can't see anyone.
He was having a backpack and it turns out to be the ghost when see from the mirror.
So please imagine when you pulling the backpack's gallus is actually the ghost's hands.

You will able to see he actually lifing the ghost back to his house.
I feel it is funny there.
And even more funny when saw my sister keep cover her eyes with the jacket! XD

My sister will use her elbow to poke me when the ghost is coming.
So when she hear the ghost sound, she keep poking me with her elbow.
When ghost getting nearer she will poke faster one le! Haha
And I just poking her back la.

This s really a good movie to watch if you have horror fetish ;p
I rate it 4/5 :)
Better watch in cinema as you will feel more "comfortable"!
I always wish to meet one but preferable the good spirit XD

Later after the movie, we went to find my sister @ SS2

We were @ MURNI
My sister introduced me the Ice blended Mango and the Lemon-Ribena

She brought out some sample for us to see which is better.
Yeah, she make these necklace herself and sell @ Wonderful Market

I was tired already but hey meet my sister once for a few month wor. Sure go la.

Another pict with another sis :)
The normal one

And, the funny one~!

Murni has nice foods and drinks.
Getting more expensive and dirtier...
See how many cockroach at the canal?
Please count~

You will able to detect their presence as they emit strong Cockroach Smell....
Hope Murni can improve the hygience there even it is outside their shop...~

Please hel me win an iPod Nano as what Josh Lim did~! XD



  1. YOYO!!

    Ur sister look like ur gf lah.. very pretty!!!

    U really act kasihan then get to go in ah? hahahahas....hebat..

    Take care sleep early..

  2. She is she is :)
    Not so kasihan la, just abit, abit only ;p
    Will sleep earlier! Mom


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