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After Bukit Cahaya, Here Come Broga Hill! At Night!

A cloudy not so sunny day @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Get a special tan for myself and my body now looks red and white like Angels and Devils.

We did cycling, sailing, tanning, chatting, sweating and more!
Really like the Four Season (Late Spring) House!
7-12 Degree Celsius only!

The above picture is taken by my little wife Panasonic LUMIX FX-100
She got a lot of injury recently ( Drop on floor accidentally, got muddy at mangrove..etc)
So I hope that I can have a friend for her!!
How? WOU Contest
Manage to survive 2 elimination round
But will it able to go to final round?? Or win a special prize??
*Finger Crossed*

Four more hours I will be @ Broga Hill!
Yeap! Very early in the morning!
Hope it won't be so dark that time as today is full moon~!
And most importantly, hope I wont meet those bloody mosquito!

Any suggestion/tips for first-timer to go Broga Hill? Especially in a dark night/morning~
Ciao~ gotta rest now~!!

PS: Would you kindly register as my ruumate here?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)