Sending My Bestie to KLIA

Rewind back to April 19th
A day after Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra
Feel tired while wake up in the next morning
Go to meet KokCian, my bestie @ TmnCahaya

Went to Starbuck to get my very first "power-boost"
The Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino
This is just the right time I need it :)
I like berry, that's why I like it!
Thanks for the treat :)

Saw a Japanese Uncle sit besides us and sleeping while listen to the audio.
He was suppose to watch the movie but end up doze there

KokCian let me choose one of the bookmark he bought from Korea.
It is nice!!
Had a good chat with him at the Starbuck :)

Later then, we go to meet KokCian's babe >> JeanHan
They are the lovely couple since Form 4 til now~!
LDR do works~

We went to have lunch at foodcourt nearby because we lack of time to go to better place
A paparazzi of me XD
Time to take more photo with friends that not usually see everyday!
The pretty JeanHan

And the funny JeanHan~ Poke her to smile brightly ;p

Again a couple photo for them :)

Jean looks very surprised when I keep capture for the best shoot ;p
Time to rush to KLIA!
The best photo of me with KokCian among the others

Went to KLIA toilet and I just fall in love with the hand dryer
It looks so trendy and classy :)
With a good function too!

We went to check in luggage and met this pretty stewardess
Her name is Siti :)
Now I know why people call me womanizer...
Hey I just take more photo with girls, not getting her hp number, date her out...etc
Somemore keep taking photo with guy ...err...nothing ;p

KokCian will fly to HongKong first then only fly to Taiwan
Since we reached earlier, went to have some drinks and french-fries @ McD
He looks happy cos saw something _______

When the time arrive, he need to leave.
Hope to see you soon after graduate~! Which mean this coming June :)

After send him off to his flight, I was attracted with this Lexus G300
It look nice, right?

Besides Lexus, I like Lotus too!
Saw this Lotus @ Breakers Event

Here, a so called "self- photography" XD

Went to the shoplots around my house and saw "Pond Saloon" is having a Grand Promotion.
It was initially named as PoRN Saloon instead of Pond Saloon
Let see what is he offering :)
Wah hair wash got free FOOT massage wei! Is it massage from head to toe?
Better than the ManHood therapy that KennySia mentioned before right?
I noticed there is some mistakes such as "Neet" instead of "Nett", "Packare" instead of "Package"

I wonder the error is to prove that the boss of this saloon is a Thai with "PORN" as his surname!
Yes, initially the boss of this saloon is named "PORN"

Last but not least
"Happy Belated Dumpling Day"
Had my 3rd dumpling this year ;p


  1. waa!!! color hair so cheap?!
    where is that?!?!

  2. [Francene]
    R u one of my lovely classmate?
    Francene first time hear that wor ;p

    It is in one of the shoplot opposite IOI mall, Puchong. Come and dye ur hair free free EXTRA service wei! haha


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