"Chips or Belle?" @ Chipster SuperStar

First of all, I would like to thanks EGo and Ellie to be the James Bond and the Belle. Not forgetting Shaz to be the army!They are good actors as I have found the right face expression for each cast :)

It took a long time to produce this movie, eventhough the story line has been prepared for you:
  • It is not easy to find the casts. As even you found a suitable face expression photo, the owner might not willing to let you have it. But luckily I met three of them :)
  • It is not easy to crop the photo as sometimes it becomes bigger or smaller. Or even has a line underneath the portrait, which ruin the photo.
  • Patience to recrop the pictures, check the dialog if it suit the animation, then if the whole thing was presented well.
  • Creativity is most important as we need to create our own dialogs. I wish I have the brain of Yasmin Ahmad, who always direct good movie ;p
Here is some screenshot of the movie
Eugene Bond

Ellie Belle

And Shaz the army ;p

EGo and Ellie
This is the lovely couple that let me have them in my first movie :)
Haha! Saw the heroic looks of EGo?

And here is the soldier cast - Shaz
I got the idea of asking him to be my cast because he mentioned that he work as a "bodyguard" and he look big and tall when I first met him.Not to mention that he is the one that gave me free movie tickets
The "Threads of Destiny" and the "Power Kids"

His real job is a Radio Announcer in XFresh FM :)
So tune in FM 103.00 (Lembah Klang) if you want to win some movie tickets
Or surf the web http://www.xfresh.com

So now lets enjoy the movie I direct! ^@^

Last but not least
EGo saved Ellie in the movie~!
*There are Starwars, Matrix, and Pirates of Caribbean video to direct too*
*Stay tune for my next movie! *

Please vote for me when June arrived~! ^@^


Anonymous said…
wow awesome! nice vid! =)
kimong.com said…
Your video is so cool man!!! And they look really good!!!! Perfect expressions.

See you tonight man. Angel or Devil???
Haha thanks~! Would ya share with your friends and vote for me~? ^@^~

Yeah, they are my good casts ^@^
Would you and Josiah be my couple casts in next movie~? Hopefully I can find the right photo from ur gallery ~ ^@^

Yay, tonight will able to meet you again! ^@^
I still wonder want to be Angel or Devil...
Woah TC..
Very active hoh you ^^ these days
[Jian Akiraceo (Miao)]
Haha yeah!
Going to dormant for recovery soon! ^@^

Would u and ur friend be my ruumate~?

Thanks for support~!!!
Lisa717 said…
Good Luck to you ya~
veli funny la when i watch that video!! u superb creative bro!! gayao o~~
Remember to vote for us when the voting started~XD
Will sure tell u how to vote once it start ;p

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